How College Of Idaho doubled its alumni event participation

Almabase enabled the College of Idaho to manage their alumni events more efficiently using a digital platform and drive higher participation rate with strategic communication. The increased participation rate also led to generating greater event revenue.


increase in event participation


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About The College Of Idaho

The College of Idaho is a private, residential liberal arts college in Caldwell, Idaho. Founded in 1891, it is the state’s oldest art college with a growing enrollment of students. Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, the college is known for hosting frequent alumni events to inculcate the culture of maintaining stronger relationships with one's roots.

Challenges In Driving Alumni Participation

Tedious event management

With dependencies on the IT teams for the creation of pages, managing RSVPs and handling multiple channels of communication, event planning was a tedious task for the advancement team. Even making decisions like where to host the alumni event, took the team much longer, leading to the last minute rush.

Lack of personalization

While the advancement team could reach out to their alumni on emails or calls, the lack of personalization in their approach led to lower engagement rates. For instance, to be able to offer alumni the option to attend only a part of an event they are interested in was next to impossible. Not wanting to attend the entire event, a lot of their alumni would often drop out from participating it in the first place.   

Ineffective social alumni engagement

Despite an active Facebook page, the college struggled to keep their alumni engaged in meaningful conversations. They would often miss the news of an upcoming event or donation campaigns, leading to lower participation rates.

Costly communication software

The advancement team made use of multiple software that cost them almost $1400/ year to manage alumni communication. While the tools enabled them to launch email campaigns, they could not bring all the data to a single dashboard and help the team draw actionable insights for better alumni engagement in the next campaign with smart optimization. Also, the need to switch between various tools, often led to the team losing essential alumni data or not being able to launch the campaigns on time for an event.  

The College Of Idaho Success With Almabase

With smarter event management, customization of alumni experience and strategic communication using Almabase, the institute doubled their event participation. The personalization also led to fostering stronger relationships between the alumni and the Institute.

We found a platform that worked for our constituents, not one that made them work.
Lauren A, Alumni Relations Coordinator

Customized alumni site experience

When an alum visits the page, they can see how many of their classmates have already registered, and how many alumni from the other batches are also signed up on the community. The same holds true for the upcoming events, giving days and donation campaigns - letting them know how many alums believe in the cause. The personalized on-site experience helps those not registered to also sign up on the platform, leading the institute to grow their alumni database.  

For example, here’s what prospect attendee would see on visiting the event page:

Compelling discounts on registrations

The College of Idaho leveraged the power of discounts using the ‘discount feature’ in the events module on Almabase. The institute offered a variety of discounts on early registrations for various alumni events and campaigns.

Flexible ticketing options

The ‘ticketing feature’ in the events module of Almabase enabled the institute to offer flexible ticketing. The feature allows alumni to pick and choose the parts of an event they want to attend, and pay only for that. With a higher level of customization and flexibility, the approach enriched the event experience for alumni, leading to more sign-ups for the events.

Here’s a snapshot of their recent ‘Homecoming and Family Weekend 2018’ event performance:

Easy event management

The College of Idaho has hosted 87 events so far, using the ‘events module’ of Almabase. The institute saw 1300 registrations from their alumni and have been able to generate $25k in event ticket revenue, fueling their growth.

Up-to-date alumni directory

With Raiser’s Edge integration, Almabase automatically pulls in alumni information from previous events, registration forms, social media and other platforms creating an up-to-date alumni directory. Out of 13,000 alumni of the institute, 12,704 are contactable (97%).

Take a look at their alumni website, here.

Easy content management

Apart from event management, The College Of Idaho created 63 custom pages to share information with their current students and alumni. Some of the pages include alumni awards, giving day campaigns, information on National Alumni Board and Young Alumni Council, and more. The institute uses these pages to be able to share important information, digitally easily.

You can see of their pages under the ‘connect’ and ‘more’ tabs on their site, here.

The College Of Idaho continues to use Almabase as their event management system and to keep their alumni engaged with consistent communication.

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