How T. Howard Foundation empowered its alumni with a Career Opportunities Network

With a two-member team handling all alumni relations functions and limited resources at hand, T. Howard Foundation’s focus was on establishing for its alumni - a one-stop destination for all job opportunities. Within two years, T. Howard Foundation was able to successfully create a digital alumni community that gave alumni access to over 350 job opportunities and the ability to further share these opportunities within their network.


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About T. Howard Foundation

Formed in 1993, T. Howard Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting diversity in media and entertainment by increasing the number of diverse and underrepresented groups and underserved communities within the industry.

With a total alumni strength of 1670, T. Howard Foundation is also known for its annual Diversity Awards Dinner that recognizes and celebrates industry leaders and companies committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the media and entertainment industry.

What T. Howard Foundation aimed to achieve?

In sync with their goal of promoting diversity in media and entertainment, T. Howard Foundation envisioned to create a digital alumni community to help their alumni forge meaningful business relationships with fellow alumni and peers within the industry, thereby, facilitating a one-stop destination for all career opportunities.

What Challenges did T. Howard Foundation face?

A small team with limited resources

With a two-person team and limited resources at hand, managing all alumni relations functions was a challenge for T. Howard Foundation. Since only two people were handling all alumni engagement activities, they were constantly faced with challenges in consistently keeping their alumni engaged by providing them with relevant information.

Outdated Alumni Database

With no defined strategy to track alumni data based on past events or social media, the alumni relations team at T. Howard Foundation was unable to keep their alumni database up-to-date. The team's outreach efforts were limited by their lack of updated alumni information.

Managing Multiple Tools

T. Howard Foundation was using multiple tools for various functions which not only proved to be rather expensive but also highly time-consuming. It was hard for the two-member alumni relations team to manage all these tools. Also, with multiple tools in the picture, there was the threat of losing essential alumni data while switching between these tools. So, despite spending so much on these tools, T. Howard Foundation was unable to get the desired outcome.

Less Value for Alumni/ Limited visibility on jobs

T. Howard Foundation was rather restricted in creating avenues for job opportunities for its alumni. Since the responsibility of hunting and listing all jobs was on the alumni relations team, there were a limited number of job opportunities posted. The team also found it hard to manage job listings as they had to use separate tools for listing and tracking these job opportunities.

What worked for T. Howard Foundation?

Creating a Digital Alumni Community

As a first step towards streamlining their alumni engagement process, T. Howard Foundation set up an online alumni community and successfully captured updated information of more than 50% of their contactable alumni. With the adopted alumni management platform automatically capturing and storing alumni data from various sources, the institution no longer had to worry about its alumni data being outdated. With the digital alumni community, T. Howard Foundation brought to its alumni, a common platform where they could network with their fellow alumni and students, get updates on events, and most of all - seize job opportunities within a few clicks.

One tool for all approach

In order to eliminate rising costs and increased inefficiency due to the use of multiple tools, T. Howard Foundation decided to shift to an all-in-one alumni management platform. With a single tool for managing all alumni relations functions varying from organizing events, sending customized emails, to listing and tracking jobs, the small alumni relations team at the institution could now efficiently overcome their challenges.

Crowdsourced Job Opportunities

The new platform works on a crowdsourcing model wherein job opportunities can be added by alumni or external organizations looking to recruit. This not only increases the number of opportunities for all members of the platform but also relieves the institution of undue pressure. The centralized digital platform also enabled the institution to give certain access to applicants’ resumes and details to a user/organization posting a job opportunity within the platform.

Integrated Communication Center

T. Howard Foundation efficiently used the ‘Integrated Communication Center’ module on Almabase’s platform as they sent out regular job alerts and weekly updates based on their alumni’s interests. Making use of the inbuilt emailing tool, the institution ensured that their alumni knew and understood how to use the ‘Career Center’ feature to their full benefit. To further generate awareness about the Career Center feature, the institution encouraged the alumni who were already familiar with this feature to share their accomplishments and advice with fellow members.

What did T. Howard Foundation achieve?

Streamlined Operations as a result of a centralized alumni management platform

With a centralized digital platform, T. Howard Foundation is able to manage everything from job postings to event planning, giving day campaigns, and much more. What’s more, is that the institution can now keep track of all its alumni and get a detailed understanding of important metrics that could help in better planning for future campaigns. T. Howard has also eliminated the usage of multiple tools, which not only saves them money but also the time that otherwise would have been lost on switching between multiple software.

Up-to-date Alumni Database

With the digital platform’s ability to capture alumni information from previous event registrations, social media platforms, and other sources, T Howard Foundation was successful in finding their lost alumni and updating their alumni database. Alumni can now register, create, and update their own profiles with ease.

30% Alumni Registered
60% Contactable Alumni

More Opportunities for Alumni

The ‘Career Center’ module enables alumni to post, manage, and even apply for job opportunities within the platform. With the current model where jobs are crowdsourced, the total number of jobs posted on the platform has significantly grown and with all these postings made available in one place, the platform has become the go-to place for job search. In order to empower its alumni further, the institution also sends weekly updates and regular job alerts.

357 Jobs Posted
795 Job Applications

T. Howard Foundation continues to provide their alumni with useful job opportunities and consistently grows its alumni participation with Almabase. You can see more of their pages here.

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