What is

Alumni-Centricity is a discipline of advancing your institution by building relationships that are not solely based on alumni loyalty, but equally on value; keeping the needs and behavior of the alumni at the center of program design.

Alumni-Relations has evolved

Advancement strategies bank on the loyalty of their alumni to get back from them in a value-driven world. Today our alumni live in a world where their interactions are valuable to them. On top of that, easy access to information has unlocked new avenues for our alumni to direct their philanthropy. These changes have formed an expectation in our alumni that their alma mater be resourceful to them long after they've graduated.

Advancement offices must therefore re-think the fundamentals of this relationship or risk losing of their alumni. Fostering a culture of advancement led by creating value for our alumni by bringing their needs at the center of engagement strategies will define the sustainability of this relationship.


How you can be alumni-centric

Put alumni needs at the center
Increase participation by aligning engagement strategies with the needs of your alumni.
Make participation easy
Comply with your alumni’s need to engage with programs that are easy to participate in.
Measure impact of programs
Learn the best way to advance by learning what resonates with your alumni
Unlock admin efficiency
Cut mundane tasks caused by archaic systems and disconnected tools, to concentrate on larger goals

Why advancement needs alumni-centricity?

Traditional alumni-relations strategy fails to strike a connection with your alumni.

Lack of program relevance led to fewer participation
alumni organisations see little engagement from the few benefits they offer.
Uninspiring experience led to alumni abandonment
of alumni that want to become a member, donate or purchase abandon will not do so due to friction in experience.
Over-Reliance on few major donors
Advancement efforts resonate only with a few major donors every year, but building a sustainable alumni-relations program needs personalized relation building with every group of alumni.

How Archbishop Riordan High School leveraged peer-to-peer fundraising to grow Giving Day donations


Increase in donations
in 1 year

How St. Ignatius College Preparatory leveraged peer-to-peer fundraising to boost giving day donations


Increase in donations
in 1 year

How Scranton Preparatory School’s peer-to-peer reach-out strategy helped them amplify giving day donations


Increase in donations
in 1 year

How Calvert Hall College High School raised $243,000 by leveraging social sharing and peer-to-peer donations


Increase in donations
in 3 years

Build supporters for a lifetime with alumni-centricity

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