The birds eye view you need.

An unified dashboard to monitor engagement from all your progams in realtime and find where your attention is most needed.

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Online Alumni Community for Alumni Associations, Advancement Teams, and Alumni Relations Teams
Alumni Relations
IT/Database Serivces

All the benefits without any of the hassle.

  • Track all your engagement - from email clicks to campus visits to donations.
  • No more manual data entry from one system to another.
  • Centralise data and decentralise data collection.
  • Built-in with all Almabase products.
Marketing & Communications
IT/Database Serivces

Granular segmentation.
Hyper personalization.

  • Good segmentation focuses on the context of how people engage with you rather than just who they are.
  • Your audience deserves relevant, personal programs
  • Run workflows to personalize at scale without adding effort.
Event Management Software for in-person and virtual events for alumni

Use it out of the box, or make it your own.

  • Works with CASE engagement metrics
  • Create custom reporting standards
  • Customise the touchpoints that matter to you.

Finding your next
Donor / Volunteer  is easier with data

  • The right data allows you to pinpoint and pursue the specific programs that turn your community members into advocates and supporters
  • Identify people who engage with you, but who are unknown to you today.
Content Management System that integrates with your alumni database and CRM
Event Management Software for in-person and virtual events for alumni
Alumni Relations

Reporting means more than just donors today

  • Easy reporting for alumni relations - not just fundraising.
  • Think beyond gifts, events and emails for metrics
  • Discover how your community members navigate from passive engagement to active participation.

You can't be an integrated team with disintegrated tools

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