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Drake University

July 20, 2022

For this edition of Almabase Spotlights featuring Private Universities, we shine the light on Drake University’s Annual DU Good Month event, which has been engaging and connecting alumni through volunteerism.

💡An idea to Give and Grow: Transforming Communities through Alumni Volunteers

The DU Good Month is about transforming communities by transforming lives. The alumni of Drake University promote volunteerism, getting together, and giving back to society.  

DU Good Month Events Calendar

DU Good Month is DU Alumni’ Association’s annual month of service, which sees many volunteers from different corners of the country. They encourage alumni to volunteer, join, and contribute to service-oriented events in October. To ensure maximum participation, they have regional volunteering opportunities for the convenience of all their alumni.

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Drake University's core inspiration stems from the fact that they transform lives and strengthen communities - they transform the lives of their students, who, in turn, transform and strengthen their communities. The DU Good Month is a sterling example of this - their alumni are touching lives across the globe, and they connect back to the university when they realize what a positive difference they have been making. 

The DU Good Month currently has 300-400 active alumni volunteers and 12 regional boards. Drake University is proud of all the efforts that its alumni are putting in to contribute to society.  

🌟Our Source of Inspiration:

Andy Verlengia, the Director of Alumni Relations at Drake University, is known for his leadership skills. He has played an active role in Drake University's Good Month events every year, encouraging more alumni to volunteer and contribute back to their communities.

Andy completed his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University and took up an internship at Walt Disney World. He has been the Director of Alumni Relations at Drake University for over six years. 

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