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We understand how important it is for schools and universities to fundraise right now to  support their institutions and students during this pandemic. To do our bit in helping  institutions achieve their fundraising goals, we're offering our Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding Solution completely FREE OF COST (no annual subscription, no setup fee, no transaction fee - you only pay credit card processing fee) for any fundraising campaign until October 31st, 2020.

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How Archbishop Riordan High School leveraged peer-to-peer fundraising to grow Giving Day donations


Increase in donations
in 1 year

How St. Ignatius College Preparatory leveraged peer-to-peer fundraising to boost giving day donations


Increase in donations
in 1 year

How Scranton Preparatory School’s peer-to-peer reach-out strategy helped them amplify giving day donations


Increase in donations
in 1 year

How Calvert Hall College High School raised $243,000 by leveraging social sharing and peer-to-peer donations


Increase in donations
in 3 years

Empower your supporters to fundraise on your behalf

Make it easy for your supporters to share with their networks

Your donors can share on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or even text messaging easily through our integrations.

Allow donors to personalize every share with their own message

Donors can increase the impact of their share by generating very personalized appeals including their own tribute and picture.

Track every share and impact

Our proprietary technology allows your staff and donors themselves to track their reach and the impact it has resulted in.


Inspire a healthy sense of competition to drive participation


Create the right competition for your needs

You know your institution and your donors the best, so create flexible leaderboards by class years, location, athletic groups, or any other parameter that makes sense for you.

Showcase the momentum in real time

Donors want to see that others are participating and it’s easier than ever to showcase momentum with our progress thermometer and tribute wall.

Compete beyond the

Drive your donors to compete beyond their donations. You can get creative and showcase tributes, social media ambassadors and more.

Motivate your constituents to donate now


Unleash your creativity to showcase the need

Whether you want to express your campaign’s need through text, pictures, videos or GIFs, our flexible CMS allows you to express your creative marketing.

Amplify the impact of each donation with challenges

Create challenge gifts that show your donors that each $ they donate today is worth more than that to your organization.

Leverage corporate gift matching opportunities

Integrate Double the Donation's 360MatchPro to provide a simple gift matching experience & increase donations without asking your donors for more dollars.

Swift donation experience on any device

swift_donation_experiencePeer To Peer Crowdfunding Platform

Capture donations in under 60s

Provide a simple user experience for any donor to make their donation in under 60 seconds from any device - whether it’s their phone, iPad or laptop.

Process payments securely

Our integrations with multiple payment processors like Stripe, Auth.net, Paypal, Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS), TouchNet allows you to provide a safe payment experience on all devices.

Provide flexibility for your donors

Your donors can designate donations to different funds, and even make monthly recurring payments with Almabase.

Designed to empower your staff

Integration with your CRM for easier gift processing

Whether you use Raiser’s Edge, Salesforce or Ellucian or another CRM our integrations will simplify your gift processing.

Real time dashboards for staff

Your staff can easily monitor and manage everything that’s happening during your campaign - from new gifts, to tributes to social media ambassadors.

Flexible campaign options

Every campaign is different and we provide the flexibility to set up the campaign suitable to your needs. It’s as easy as on-or-off.

Built-in email marketing tool

Sending targeted emails to your audience isa whole lot easier with our built-in email marketing tool and pre-loaded templates.

Expert consultation backed by data from hundreds of campaigns

Our team of fundraising experts partner with your institution to figure out the best strategy, marketing and messaging for your campaign.

Fully branded

From the campaign’s link to the logo and the colors you can create a fully branded page that your donors can relate to.

What our customers love about us!

Anne Seppi

Director of Annual Giving
Archbishop Riordan High School

“Almabase takes the time and makes the effort, not only to help us raise funds but to also understand our school's mission and culture. We have exceeded our goal year after year and our number of donors has significantly increased.”


increase in donations
in one year

Joe Baker

CAO/Director of Advancement
Calvert Hall College High School

“Our annual day of giving has always been successful, but we feel our outstanding success this year was definitely enhanced by bringing Almabase on board to create our giving site.”


increase in giving day donations in 3 years

Calvin Chuang

Executive Director
The Alumni Association of the School of Medicine of Loma Linda University

“I really love working with the Almabase team. The platform is continually improving and the team is looking at ways to help our alumni community thrive. Also, our database automatically getting updated from Facebook and LinkedIn is a huge game changer for us”


raised in online donations in
4 years

Jeanine Pavuk

Director of Annual Giving
Scranton Preparatory School

"Best choice our school could have made! The Almabase team made our Giving Day a huge success! It was our first time doing anything on this scale and thankfully Almabase guided us through with patience and knowledge."


increase in giving day donations in 1 year

Saige Solomon

Director of Alumni & Family Relations
Centenary College of Louisiana

“Fantastic Customer Service! Almabase is the perfect solution for our needs. Almabase has allowed me to work more efficiently and engage more alumni and constituents while I do that. We particularly love the event management, giving platform, and email tools.”


raised in online donations in
6 months

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