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Whether it is a virtual reunion, homecoming on campus, or a small social gathering, you can drive higher attendance while simplifying event management.

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Every school and university in the country is organizing virtual events for their constituents and we understand this is uncharted waters for everyone. We’ve simplified virtual event management with our easy to use templates and gone a step further in extending our support by offering our solution FREE OF COST until 10/31/2020 for up to two virtual events.

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How College of Idaho doubled its homecoming event participation in 2 years


generated in event revenue

How Providence Day School hosted 92 diverse events in under 2 years to grow alumni donor participation


increase in Homecoming event participation in 1 year

How Upper St Clair School District got 40% of the class of 1988 to attend their 30-year reunion


event revenue

How Archbishop McCarthy Alumni Association captured 80+ attendees at 3 consecutive annual 10-year reunions


increase in event payments in 2 years

Simplify virtual event management

Integrate with Zoom and your database

Drive the entire registration process through Almabase, while all the information syncs seamlessly with Zoom and your own database.

Maintain exclusivity at your virtual events

Strictly define who is allowed to have access to your virtual event and allow Almabase to act as your virtual security guard.

Improve attendance with automated guest communication

Provide your guests with the right information at the right time and avoid confusion leading to drop in attendance. Also share event recordings instantly with your attendees.


Simplify virtual event management


Organize paid virtual events seamlessly

With flexible ticketing and integrations with all leading payment processors, it is now easier than ever to drive revenue from your virtual events.

Maintain exclusivity with our Zoom integration

Almabase connects with Zoom and your database allowing you to strictly define who gets access to your event. No more Zoombombing!

Improve attendance with automated guest communication

Provide your guests with the right information at the right time and avoid confusion leading to drop in attendance. Also share event recordings instantly with your attendees.

Motivate your constituents to drive attendance

Make it easy for attendees to share with their network

Your event attendees can share on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or even text messaging easily through our integrations.

Allow your constituents to see who else is attending

For those that are on the edge considering whether to attend your event, this creates the final push to get them to RSVP.

Incentivize your audience with flexible ticketing

Attendees can pick and choose exactly what parts of the event they are interested in attending and get a personalized itinerary.


Target the right audience for each event

Target_the_right_audience_using_event Management Software

Segment your audience for effective communication

Divide your audience into segmented lists based on criteria such as class year, age, interests, geographic area, etc. to enable targeted communication.

Personalize your messaging to cut through the clutter

Gone are the days of ‘a one-size-fits-all engagement strategy’. With Almabase, you can send a highly personalized invite to each constituent.

Identify your most valuable attendees and double down

Use past data including event attendance, facebook engagement, donation history and email engagement to identify highly engaged constituents and retarget them for your event.

Provide an enhanced & flexible registration experience


Super fast registration process from any device

Provide one-click, login-free registration experience from any device whether it’s a phone, iPad, or laptop device.

Allow registrants to conveniently modify or cancel registrations

Anybody can get hit with last minute change of plans. Allow your registrants to modify, add guests or cancel their registrations any time.

Process payments securely

Our integrations with multiple payment processors like Stripe,, Paypal, Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS), TouchNet allows you to provide a safe payment experience on all devices.

Keep your guests
always informed


Improve attendance with automated guest communication

Provide your guests with the right information at the right time and avoid confusion leading to drop in attendance. The integrated guest communication system works before, during and after the event.

Provide a personalized itinerary for every guest

Avoid confusion especially at large events like Homecoming via a personalized itinerary that shows every attendee where they need to be at any time.

Easy post-event surveys

Learn how people felt about your event with a survey right after the event to everyone who attended. The entire process can be pre-scheduled but sent out at the right time.

Simplify event management for your staff

Integration with Raiser’s Edge to track attendance on your database

Your staff does not need to enter each attendee by hand thanks to our integration with Raiser’s Edge and other popular databases.

Guest check-ins have never been this easy

Get rid of that pen and paper and create a simple check-in experience for your volunteers and staff at the event. Works on phones and iPads too.

One central system to track everything

Your staff can easily manage everything from pre-event communication to post-event follow-ups and efficiently track all offline & online registrations via a single platform.

Built-in email marketing tool

Sending targeted emails to your audience is a whole lot easier with our built-in email marketing tool and pre-loaded templates.

Expert consultation backed by data from hundreds of campaigns

Our team of event experts partner with your institution to figure out the best strategy, marketing and messaging for your campaign.

Fully branded

From the event page link to the logo and the colors you can create a fully branded event page that your constituents can relate to.

What our customers love about us!

Katherine Mabille

Director of Alumni Affairs
Nicholls State University

“With Almabase, everything is at a single place which is a huge time saver for our staff. We have been able to tremendously simplify our event management process & boost participation over the last 4 years!”

Nicholls State University logo


increase in event participation in one year

Steve Bondurant

Director of Alumni Relations
Providence Day School

"Working with Almabase has been an absolute pleasure. The team took the time out to learn our culture and built a plan around that culture to be most effective."


increase in Homecoming event participation in one year

Danielle Durham

Alumni Relations Coordinator
The College of Idaho

"Almabase is user-friendly, easy to learn, and the customer success team is always quick to help us with troubleshooting or even adapting the platform based on our needs."


increase in Homecoming event participation

Gordon Mathews

High School Counselor & Coordinator
Upper St. Clair School District

“Overall, Almabase has been a great partner. The team constantly provides us strategies to improve and offers assistance. We just had an in-person visit from them that will help us immensely as we enter the second phase of our program. I truly feel they have a personal interest in your success.”

Upper St. Clair School District


alumni attendance at class of 1988’s 30-year reunion

Carolyn Russell

Director of Annual Fund
Greenwich Academy

“What we love about Almabase is the flexibility of the platform and the control our team has over it. It’s fresh, modern, interactive, and engaging. Our constituents love being able to register easily and our team appreciates being able to customize menus and pages."


new engagement activities recorded post 2019 reunion

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