DIGital directory

Foster meaningful connections while keeping information updated

Keep constituent data always updated through self-serve engagement and automations. Set up a directory for various affinities based on custom filters to facilitate peer to peer networking.

Foster meaningful connections

Chosen by leading institutions across the world

Why Digital Engagement on Almabase?

Measure of impact

Measure engagement activities of  various segments, and understand the return on your programs

Switch to auto-pilot

Stop spending days on clunky tools, and collecting information from different resources. Automate the process

Easy set-up

Setting-up, and getting value from this program is only a matter of a few simple steps

Always keep information current

Import your database into Almabase, find lost alumni,  and continuously enrich their information with automation in the background and as they engage.

Automation to collect data

Enrich data through engagement

Alwas keep information current

Power self-serve networking

Custom filters that allow constituents to find and network with relevant peers. Leverage automation to facilitate connections without the need for sign-ups.

Custom filters

AI-driven networking

Alumni map

1:1 messaging

Power self-serve networking

Create segmented email outreach

Segmented communications on an easy-to-use tool to make email outreach more effective.

List import from CRM

Email reporting

Merge tags

Granular lists

Create segmented email outreach

Keep it in sync with CRM

Keep it cleand

Capture fresh information

Seamlessly move data

Keep information consistent between your CRM and Almabase, and set-up automation and rules to ensure data moves as per your unique needs.

Import your database

Instant access to members on your database

Two-way sync

Keep information updated across tools

Enrich profile information

Use engagement to progressively improve their information

Keep it in sync with CRM

Measure and grow engagement