3 Ways To Welcome The Class Of 2018 With Almabase

3 Ways To Welcome The Class Of 2018 With Almabase




May 16, 2018

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May 16, 2018

So the class of 2018 just stepped in. As an alumni relations professional, it is your duty to make sure they feel welcomed. To make it easier, we came up with 3 nifty ways in which you could use Almabase to do so.

1. Send them a welcome email

You can share the alumni data for this new class and we will get it uploaded to the platform for you. It is sufficient if it has just name and email. Once done, we will help you create the emailing group for this specific class to which you can send a welcome message.

Two key advantages for you :

1. You will get updated data of your alumni

2. Your new alumni will understand that you care for them

2. Create an event on the platform

You can quickly create an event on the platform like this and send an invite to the entire class.

3. Encourage your alumni to share a few nuggets of wisdom

All your alumni have been through this exciting phase. Most of them will have a piece of advice to share with the class. You can quickly create a form on the platform and send an email to them, to encourage them to do so. This can later be added to a page shared with this new class.


This is a good way to connect with your alumni.  The advice can be really impactful for the new class. Clear win-win situation.

Ready to welcome the class of 2018? It's time to get started!  

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