7- Effective Online Giving Practices

7- Effective Online Giving Practices




Here are two main reasons why Online Giving is the best place to invest your time and talent.

1. It is the hottest form of giving right now – Online giving in Education sector has risen by a staggering 12.3 % and 15 % in last two years.

2. It has seen the largest adoption rates by the Millennials

62% of donors worldwide prefer to give online

Our experience with over hundred partner schools across the world had taught a few things about various friction points on Giving Pages. Some common examples include:

1. excessive steps or clicks in the giving process

2. multiple or conflicting calls-to-action, non-essential buttons, menus, or navigational elements.

Simple math tells us that:

1. Even under the assumption of a very conservative conversion rate of 1 % for every 1,000 visitors, you will have 10 donors.

2. For the same 1,000 visits to your online donation form, if 3% of them convert into donors, you’ll have 30 donors. That’s a 200% improvement! And depending on your average gift amount, this could equate to a significant increase for your organisation.

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