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Having differentiated access on the platform for various types of users is essential and we’ve heard this from many of you. We’ve built just that, with access control!

Access Control is going to be your one-stop place to control access to various features on the platform.

A view of the access control:

You can add all kinds of restrictions to features on the access control. For example,

1. if you wanted to restrict access to internships only to students and not alumni.

2. if you wanted to restrict access to events only to alumni and students, but not staff.

3. if you wanted to ask users to upgrade to a certain membership to get access to the alumni directory.

There are three key improvements we made:

1. You can control access based on not just memberships but also roles. If your platform doesn’t use memberships feature, you can still restrict based on roles.

2. You can control access to many features on the platform, as opposed to just directory earlier.

3. It’s easy to view and change all your access controls in one place.

This is the kind of page your users will see if they can’t access a feature because their current membership doesn’t allow access to that feature.

Similarly, if a user is restricted from accessing a feature due to their role (which they can’t change) they’re shown a much simpler message as shown below.

We are excited to see how you’ll use this feature for your alumni office. Talk to your customer success manager to know more and please let us know if you have any feedback.

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