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Almabase Hall of Fame - Providence Day School

Almabase Hall of Fame - Providence Day School




November 28, 2017

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We are excited to share the Almabase Hall of Fame for " Community Involvement" to Providence Day School.

Through the Almabase Alumni Engagement Cloud, they have reached out to their constituents in multiple ways & have kept them engaged constantly.

Very few Schools understand the value that a School derives in keeping their Alumni Engaged & Providence Day School has been one of the pioneers in it.

Through this Blog, we would like to showcase a few of their milestones & best practices.

1. The team sends a digital Monthly Newsletter that is received by at least 2500 recipients every month. And the open rates of these newsletters is a staggering 32% in November that has increased from 29% in July

2. Conducted 27 events with 227 registrations. Out of these around 200 registrations were just for homecoming and associated reunions.

3. Their platform has 567 registered users out of 3557 on the database since the launch of their platform in the month of July. 330 of them have been from social media signups

Engaging alumni through events and newsletters is one of the critical ways to stay connected to your Alumni & to stay relevant.

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