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July 1, 2018

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Your alumni profiles just got a fresh new look. Not only are the new profiles meant to look better, they are more readable and functional and is being prepared for a lot of new features coming in very soon.

The alumni profile is at the center of everything that you do and we have always maintained the stance that they can’t be boring, which is why we always called them profiles instead of records. As with other product improvements, we’ve gathered a lot of feedback from all our partner schools and their alumni about what they like and what they didn’t.

Let’s just jump in and see what this means.

Old Profile Page

New Profile Page

You will notice that the layout has been redesigned for

1. A cleaner look

2. Better information hierarchy with key information above the fold

3. Better legibility of text

4. Grouping of actions and information to make it easier for users to consume.


You use profile pages to get information on your members, but are also used by your members to get information about other members and also to view their own profiles. The information that is now shown on the profile page has three levels of access:

1. Information that is visible to all users of the platform.

2. Information that’s only visible to the user who owns that profile and admins

3. Information that’s only visible to admins.

It’s easy for you as an admin to see which information is being shown to whom.

Similar profiles

A key new addition to the profile page is the “similar” tab that shows other members who are similar to the person you are currently looking at. It currently divides them into members living in the same city, classmates, members from the same company, members with similar interests and skills. We believe this will significantly improve the time spent by alumni browsing other alumni profiles. It also makes it easier for admins to discover similar alumni and prioritize them.

This change is already live on your alumni platform. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on these changes. Feel free to leave a comment here or get in touch with your customer success manager to.And we’re not done! We’re bringing in analytics from Facebook into each member’s profile very soon. Stay tuned in!

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