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Modern Day Alumni Relations 3 - Digital Is Default

Modern Day Alumni Relations 3 - Digital Is Default




April 18, 2018

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Welcome back, this is the third part of Modern day Alumni Relations series. We have discussed in the part1  (Millennials and their impact)  how the world around your alumni is going online. We are going to discuss more on how this affects alumni relations.

Recent studies by the Case Foundation reveal that Millennials associate with a cause beginning with smaller actions rather than diving into a long-term commitment. This is the generation of people who are more motivated to “like” a Facebook page or share a video before participating in higher engagement.

However, with constant fuel to their inspiration, they develop long-standing relationships and give wholeheartedly while encouraging their near and dear ones to contribute too! A large part of this inspiration comes from peers and social media.

Generation X has also caught on to the social media buzz of late. They witnessed the exponential rise of technology.  Even the generation of baby boomers, who are often cited as the most generous givers, are not far behind. Social media is turning out to be the common thread between three generations by bringing them together on the same platform.

The entire world coming together online holds massive potential for alumni relations to leverage.

If you think that this is a trend that represents only the current generation, you are wrong. The entire world is moving online and we should be ready to ride the wave.

Engagement itself has shifted definitions from bulky books describing stats to interactive videos conveying the same message but more effectively that retains the viewer’s attention. Information spreads to people now at a skyrocketing pace via social media.

However, once they engage via social media, people prefer donating through a secure online portal.

It is clear that social media tools aid in creating the first engagement option but they should be backed by engagement platforms and Giving channels to serve the greater goal.

The key takeaway here is that through social media, people play a huge role in drawing like-minded individuals towards giving to the cause of their choice. But it’s in the hands of an organization to equip these generations of people with the right content to resonate with their cause and the right online platform to contribute to it.

This is a golden chance to make the most of your social presence and hit that home run for future engagement goals!

In the next post in this series, Alumni management platforms, we will discuss more on how to make the most of your online presence. Stay tuned!

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