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May 15, 2018

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May 15, 2018

Blackbaud’s CRM tools are popular among our partner schools. We saw that a lot of you are finding a new favorite from the Blackbaud suite of CRM tools called Raiser’s Edge NXT. It is a lightweight tool with a simple and usable user interface, a significant improvement over its predecessor Raiser’s Edge 7.

If you haven’t migrated, you should probably consider it now. We understand that having data on multiple systems is very hard to maintain. A lot of schools usually resort to expensive third-party integration tools. We wanted to make things easier and hence built the RE NXT integration tool.

With our new integration tool, you will be able to seamlessly push the updated constituent data from Almabase platform to RE NXT or pull from RE NXT to Almabase platform. With this, you can be assured of having updated data all the time by keeping both the systems in sync.

To get started, you can instantly connect both the systems by authorizing your permission to connect to your Blackbaud account. (Look for Raiser’s Edge NXT Integration on your admin panel navigation)

On Almabase admin panel

Signing into your Blackbaud Account

Authorizing Almabase to connect to your Blackbaud Database

Once connected, you have to map the Almabase properties and RE NXT properties. These mappings will help the tool to compare the values and find probable matches. For example “Mobile Number” on Almabase could be equivalent to “Cell Phone” on RE NXT.

Integration tool settings

Now you are all set to sync the records.

On the Almabase profile, we have given you options to either Push to RE NXT or Pull from RE NXT.

Profile page on the platform

Several of our customers are already using and enjoying the benefits of our integration tool.

Alumni information on the Almabase platform is usually more up-to-date. This is because our software pulls in information from LinkedIn and Facebook regularly. It also enables users to update their profiles when the need be.

We offer you have full control over what information needs to be copied to RE NXT. For example, you can choose Residence Phone Number to be copied to RE NXT and set it to be the primary contact.

Push to RE NXT

Integration Sync Interface

Similarly, you can pull the most relevant data from RE NXT to the Almabase platform. The user interface is simple. Pick and choose the information you wish to save, and you can preview the changes that are going to be saved.

Pull from RE NXT

Integration Sync Interface

As a Blackbaud Certified Partner, we seamlessly integrate with Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT, helping you sync constituent information including education, employment history, event registrations, gifts, and more.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on

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