Your alumni network, now on HTTPS!

Your alumni network, now on HTTPS!




September 20, 2016

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You might have noticed the green padlock next to your website address in the address bar. There is a lot going on behind that little green icon and we wanted to let you know what it means and how it affects your alumni network.

What is HTTPS?

In essence, HTTPS is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network. It was preceded by HTTP, which we have all come across in URLs that we use every day like ''

Why is HTTPS better than HTTP?

Unlike the previous HTTP connections, HTTPS connections are encrypted. When your users try to reach your alumni website, their computers or mobile devices communicate with the server to receive information that is required to be displayed on their screen. With HTTPS, the communication between the computer and the server is encrypted  during transit.

How do I know if my connection is secure?

The simplest way to check if your connection with the website you are browsing is secure is to check for the green padlock icon on the address bar next to the URL.

So what does this mean for my alumni website?

1. Increased protection from MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks

2. Higher rankings on search engine results

3. Increased user trust

If you'd like to learn more about secure connections, take a quick look at Godaddy's information video on SSL certificates.

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