Provide superior giving experience to your alumni

With Almabase, you can create donor friendly giving pages where your alumni can donate in a jiffy. Whether your alumni are donating from their mobile or ipad or a laptop, it will take less than a minute to complete the donation. Your alumni are the same people who shop on Amazon and are used to dead simple payments. Make your gift as simple as ordering on Amazon! Also, it can work with your existing gift processing systems and meets the industry security standards.

“We were very successful with our giving day, got 80% more donors than last year and it wouldn't have been possible without Almabase”
Steve Laveroni, St. Ignatius College Preparatory

Provide an exclusive network for your alumni

Almabase creates an exclusive space for your alumni to find, connect and network with each other for professional and social reasons. Imagine the good old directory being supercharged with real time information of all your alumni from Facebook and LinkedIn. With all the built in benefits like job board, photo gallery, stories, alumni needs, etc. it is the best gift you can give your alumni.

“Our alumni love connecting with each other without sharing personal information, which was impossible to do before.”
Sarah Mouton, University of Louisiana Monroe

Effortlessly keep track of all your alumni

By syncing constantly with Facebook and LinkedIn, keeping track of your alumni as they move jobs and addresses has never been easier. You no longer have to spend hours digging into stale spreadsheets to find your alumni. The directory and alumni map offer an interactive way for you and your alumni to find each other. With a 360° overview of every alum, understand exactly who to engage and how.

“Our database automatically getting updated from Facebook and LinkedIn is huge, a game changer for us”
Calvin Chuang, School of Medicine, Loma Linda University

Grow event engagement

Let technology do the legwork in event management so that you can spend most of your time in planning the event and in personally inviting the alumni. Easily create events of any type in no time - Reunions, Homecomings, Chapter Meet-ups. And you can handle all aspects of event management in one place efficiently - Setting up tickets, Processing the payments, Managing the attendees etc.

“Alumni can register for an event within seconds. It's just such a smoother process than we've ever had before.”
Lauren Bevill, College of Idaho

Send targeted communication

Create segments easily from your alumni data like “everyone living in Boston, MA” or “everyone who attended events but never gave a gift” or “people who never gave but open all our emails”, or “people who live near school and haven’t volunteered before” and send targeted emails. Analyze exactly who opened and clicked on these emails and what links your constituents were most interested in. Imagine being able to understand exactly how every alum has engaged with your emails over years. Almabase customers have doubled their open and click rates to be way above industry average with this complete approach.

“Easier to stay up-to-date on alumni information and to communicate with alumni. Also easier for alumni to communicate with Webb and with each other.”
Kerri Allegretta, Director of Communications, Webb Institute

“With Almabase everything is at one central location which is a huge time saver for us. No more multiple disconnected software and inefficiencies. It is also seamlessly integrated with Raiser's Edge.”

Jessica Harvey, Nicholls State University

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