A gift made on-time, saved lives!

A gift made on-time, saved lives!




September 23, 2019

Suddenly, the sun is shining brightly.
This time around, it's not the harsh burning glare of the sun.

No, it's the gentle warmth that cascades over you, washing and imbuing the world around you with new meaning. The laughter and smiles of kids and adults alike take on a new meaning. From the grasses to the puddle on the street, they are all awash in brilliant hues. Surely, this is not a hallucination. No, it's the gentle warmth that emanates and envelopes your heart, as you donate to someone's future and life. Trust me, it's one of the greatest feelings that makes life worth living; more memorable, and fun.

In fact, donating helps boost your mood and fills you with a positive sense of well-being. Yes, giving helps you to connect with your humanity.

It's no surprise that we, at Almabase, have made it our mission to create a change in the donation system to help save more lives, careers, and even dreams. This, to us, is more than creating a donation portal; it's a passion that resonates with every member of our team. No doubt, this is why we've been able to surpass previously set limits to create a ripple effect in every walks of life. The stories from those whose lives we've touched via our donation system give us the confidence to surmount challenges. We act as the focal point to bring in diverse contributors to achieve a common goal. Now imagine the bounds of our happiness, when we know that the donations on our platform have actually given someone a life or has saved someone’s life?

To help you understand the impact we've made in people's lives, let's use two real cases of how our platform helped two unique individuals - Asha and Venkatesh Subbisetty.

Let's start with the former: Asha an alumni of IIT Bombay, needed INR 40 Lakhs ($55,000 USD) for a liver transplant. Her alma matter raised INR 20 Lakhs ($22,000 USD) through their alumni platform supported by Almabase. A successful operation was performed on Sep 19th 2019.

A happy & healthy Asha after the successful operation

Plea to help Asha undergo Liver Transplant on Almabase Platform

Another instance is the funding of a kidney transplant for Venkatesh Subbisetty. Within a short time, their alma matter was able to raise a higher figure than the requested amount.

Plea to help Venkatesh Subbisetty undergo a kidney transplant on Almabase Platform

The above and so many more, are the result of having an engaging alumni network for the respective educational institution.

We feel so proud that through our product, voices of those in need of timely help are being heard by their friends and their alma mater is able to provide them assistance. Almabase is acting as that critical tool of communication, of aggregator, of spreading the word, of convenience.

We feel proud everyday to be coming back to work on a product like this which gets to make real impact in the lives of people.

Note to early founders or team members of any start-up or a company

Not always the impact or the ROI of a product that you are working on comes in the shapes or packages you imagine or set out for. There will be many other ways that your product is making an impact in your customer's lives. Pay heed to them. Make them part of your story you want to tell.