A school football stadium built from Alumni Donations

A school football stadium built from Alumni Donations




September 13, 2019

Alumni contributions are considered a goldmine for many educational institutions.

It's no surprise that an estimated total of 41 billion was contributed to colleges and universities through this medium. Undoubtedly, this seems like a jackpot considering the number of institutions in the US.

Do you want to hear what’s shocking?

This seemingly humongous statistic is just a crumb when compared to the real potential of alumni contributions.

Here's one more fact: A large percentage of this estimated amount are contributions from alumni in more popular and ranked schools. So, a large percentage of institutions often have to scrape by with meager alumni contributions usually.

This brings us to Archbishop Riordan High School, an institution with a rich history of excellent achievements. Despite its extensive alumni network and rich history, the school found it difficult in utilizing this rich advantage until the Almabase team came to the scene.

Archbishop Riordan High School celebrating 70the anniversary this year

Archbishop Riordan High School is an all-private Catholic high school. Established by the Society of Mary in San Francisco, this institution has a whopping alumni strength of 20,000.

One would think, this should enable the school to meet its target in terms of development and infrastructure, right?

Sadly, this was far from reality, as the school was unable to get a substantial sum from its alumni. So how did we come in to solve the conundrum? Hop into the next section to know more about how we achieved this.

Here comes Almabase!

At Almabase, we understand the importance of technology in helping schools achieve the full potential of their alumni network. We enabled Archbishop Riordan High School to set up effective Giving Day campaigns to significantly improve their alumni participation. With an emphasis on allowing secure donations and driving more participation with social giving and peer-to-peer fundraising, the institute now hosts successful giving days continuously. Here's how the Giving Day Campaign works.

A big jump in donations after the implementing Almabase

We helped the school achieve its goal of providing to its alumni a seamless, secure donor experience.

Flexible donation options for donors

The school was able to achieve a whopping 550% increase in its giving day donations within a year, leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising.

Donors had visibility on who the most influential donor was and also measure the impact of their own contributions

Donors had the option to solicit on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, text message, etc.

From Archbishop Riordan High School struggling with low alumni donations to them constructing a state-of-the-art football ground solely with the help of alumni donations, has been quite a journey made possible by Almabase.

The Impact

Today, Archbishop Riordan High School with a huge contribution of $338,725, plans to build a state-of-the-art football stadium for its students. The greatest thing about all of this is that it is happening without an increase in the tuition fees of the students. All this could be achieved entirely with the generosity of the school’s alumni & the paying it forward ideology imbibed in them.

Announcement of the Groundbreaking ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony of the Mayer Family Field

Construction of the Mayer Family Field

Almabase aims to support many more such schools in making wonderful things happen.

At Almabase, one of the many things that drives us is the impact we’re able to create in making quality education more affordable. We strongly believe that quality education is a great equalizer. Paying it forward is a beautiful & sustainable way to accomplish our mission. 

More power to “paying it forward” & more power to alumni.