Internships, a win-win !

Internships, a win-win !




November 30, 2019

A few days back our #Celebrations channel on Slack notified me

“ Hey ! A great news just came in.

Our last year interns are doing well in placements and they credit their experience of working with us to quite a bit.

Rohit — ITC/BPCL, Vrunda — ITC/Intel, Amritha — Deloitte, Anisha — Exxon Mobil, Gagan — Capgemini “

Wow !

All the interns who had worked with different teams at Almabase across this year, have been successfully placed. That too in the best of the companies in the market today. And to top it all, they credit a part of their success to the experience they gained with us. Isn’t this simply awesome.

My 3 key takeaways from this experience

1. Interns bring a great value to the table. Their energy, fresh perspective and ideas are just a few things they bring to your team. For many startups quite a few interesting ideas or experiments get pushed into limbo as we are busy firefighting immediate concerns and challenges. Interns can be tasked with such ideas of yours who can bring it to good shape with your team’s guidance.

2. A few of the Interns could be your possible future recruits. One of our youngest engineers in the team was an Intern who interned with us for 6 months before joining us full time. He has been such a perfect fit, that it would have been a big herculean task to find someone like him. It is not just the skills that you assess right? The most critical aspect in recruitment is the attitude and the culture fit. Internships are one of the best ways to test those waters.

3. Keep experimenting, there is no one-size-fits-all. We have done quite a few experiments to understand the type of colleges we must approach, the duration of such internships, mode of internships ( in house or offline or some middle ground) depending on the tasks and goals we had to achieve. So don’t hesitate. Take the plunge and your team will figure out what is the best format that suits you.

I believe more and more Startups can leverage more actively from their Internship programs if they start viewing them as collaborative partners in their journey.

And don’t forget to create an environment that is conducive for the Interns to thrive.

About their experience with Almabase, this is what an intern had to say

Interning at Almabase was a game changer and a dream come true, working along with some of the most brilliant people who share common beliefs and values and work to create meaning and a beautiful product.The work culture and environment helped me develop my skills, confidence and transformed me into a mature and passionate individual.

It's a clear win-win.

It’s truly a time to relish for us too as a team.

We wish them hearty congratulations & great success in the careers ahead !