Never Split the Difference - A Book Review

Never Split the Difference - A Book Review




October 15, 2019

Have you ever read a book that not only created a paradigm shift in your perception but also transformed your entire reality?

Sounds like a tall order, right?

Let's face it: Most people, perhaps like me, have come across books touted as the next-best "thing", only to finish with a bunch of half-baked theories with no "place" in the physical world.

No doubt, you, my dear reader, are probably nodding in affirmation.

So, how did I come around to write a full review of a book?

That one advice!

Well, here's how my story begins:

It starts with an introduction to an enterprise SaaS aficionado by a mutual friend. At Philz in Howard St., I had an enlightening discussion on SaaS Sales while sipping green tea.

The ambience made it more memorable as he shared his learnings and sales experience with me. On the spur of the moment, just as we were about to end our conversation, I asked him a question that's burning in the heart of every aspiring sales executive.

Yes, I asked the age-old rhetoric - "Which is that one book that I should read to become a successful sales executive?"

Without hesitation, he responded,  'Never Split the Difference,' and said, "Read the book. It will help you be successful not only in sales but, also in life."

As you would expect, such a captivating parting statement drove me to the nearest bookstore.

Cover Page of Never Split the Different - Chris Voss

Once again, I could feel my skepticism creeping in as I replayed the all-too-popular habit of authors spinning a single idea, and embellishing it until it reaches the 200-page mark.

So, with a pre-conceived cynical attitude, I bought this book.

My thoughts!

Thanks to the author's carefully detailed tactics and strategies, I dare say that this is by far one of the best self-help books I've ever read. According to the author, Chris Voss, negotiation purely boils down to psychological skills and emotional intelligence to glean what you desire from the other party.

Hold on. Did I mention that Chris is a former FBI hostage negotiator with an extensive record of rescuing hostages successfully?

Here's the intriguing part about this book: he unveils each negotiation tactic with an intriguing story during his FBI days and explains how he applied the tactic in a real-life situation. Through his deep understanding of human psychology, he's been able to negotiate effectively via skills such as tactical empathy and active learning.

What's more?

Chris offers readers much-cherished hands-on advice on how to carry out negotiations. Recently, I've applied these tactics, and I've experienced massive results - got a great deal for my friend's bachelor party, closed customers, and activated the zombie deals!

If I had to suggest only one mantra!

Here is one email tactic I used straight from the book to get a response from someone who has been ghosting me for quite some time.

Email body:

‘Have you given up on this project?'

Really, that's it.

Use these seven golden words and you'll see the magic unfold in front of your eyes. The only caveat is, these tactics will work only when they are used in the right way in the right situation (mostly in a trusted environment).

Mind you, I gifted this book to a few of my friends, and the experience has been exhilarating. Now, we have more success and life-changing stories to share when we meet. :D