Treat customer service as a key component and not as an add-on

Treat customer service as a key component and not as an add-on




December 31, 2019

The business benefits of providing great customer service have been widely researched and written about. It results in lesser churn, more referrals, more aligned product, and an overall positive impact on your brand in the marketplace.

For every startup, eventual success or failure depends on a lot of factors, and obviously we work hard everyday to help it succeed. But there are several opportunities to do something meaningful along that journey, which are as important to think about as the eventual outcome. As an entrepreneur, you want to touch lives positively along your journey.

Great customer experiences create a deeper sense of purpose for what you do.

Every time a customer trusts us, sends us positive feedback, or tells other schools how awesome their experience with Almabase has been, it makes our day. Fortunately, as we have scaled, this has gotten more and more frequent. There is no greater joy than a customer telling you that they love you.

I would encourage every entrepreneur to think about customer service as a key component of building a startup from day one and not an add-on. Be obsessed with getting your customers to absolutely love your product/service. It has a much bigger impact on your company than just the implied business gains.