Digital Engagement Programs

Run impactful mentorship programs without hassle

Connect your community with top-notch mentors to level up their careers. Utilize automated nudges and seamless communication for sustained engagement.

Run impactful mentorship programs

Chosen by leading institutions across the world

Why mentorship on Almabase?

Set-up seamlessly

Build, run, track, and improve your mentorship program.

Switch to auto-pilot

Eliminate manual efforts by automating recommendations, feedback, and check-ins

Know the impact

Leverage insights from real time reports to track and improve the success of the program

Kickstart a productive program

Kickstart your program by identifying mentors and mentees, onboarding them as per need, and sharing guidelines & resources early to set the right expectations.

Kickstart a productive program

Drive effective matchmaking

The outcomes of a mentorship program is only as good as the matchmaking. Tune your matching algorithm to your needs, and foster meaningful connections.

Drive effective matchmaking

Ensure continuous engagement

Utilize automated check-ins, email reminders and feedback collection to ensure there’s momentum.

Ensure continuous engagement

Keep it in sync with CRM

Keep it cleand

Capture fresh information

Seamlessly move data

Keep information consistent between your CRM and Almabase, and set-up automation and rules to ensure data moves as per your unique needs.

Import your database

Instant access to members on your database

Two-way sync

Keep information updated across tools

Enrich profile information

Use engagement to progressively improve their information

Keep it in sync with CRM

Know the impact to improve it

Setting-up a mentorship program for the first time?

Utilize guided check-lists and templates with best practices to set you ahead