Students Today, Alumni Forever with Mike Gombita

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Students Today, Alumni Forever with Mike Gombita


In the second episode of Almabase Spotlights Podcast, we share a conversation with Mike Gombita, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement at Misericordia University, Pennsylvania. He talks in depth about his experiences in high school that sparked his interest in communications and later led him to pursue his Bachelor’s and Master’s in the same direction at Misericordia University. Mike has had a commendable start to his career in Alumni Relations and has already been pivotal in designing some amazing ideas that have proved fruitful for his community.

Soon after he started working in his current role, Mike had to face the shift from in-person to virtual - a phase that most Alumni Relations offices went through during the pandemic last year. What came out of it were some great engagement ideas that helped the alumni community at Misericordia University reconnect with their alma mater, all of which tied back to the idea of alumni-centricity. The office often found itself asking questions like: What can we do for our alumni in this hour of need? Tune in to listen to these ideas that provided value to their alumni, along with some fun stories like how a television studio ended up being named after Mike!

Mike Gombita
Mike Gombita is the Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement at his alma mater, Misericordia University, located in Dallas, PA. With a bachelor's in communications and a master's in organizational management, Mike's passion for digital communications has elevated alumni events, fundraising efforts, and goals to create meaningful connections with alumni.