The Story of Engagement Metrics with Thomas McArthur

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The Story of Engagement Metrics with Thomas McArthur


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In this episode of Almabase Spotlights Podcast, we share a conversation with Thomas McArthur, Assistant Vice President for Alumni and Parent Engagement at The College of Wooster, Ohio. He talks about the intentional choices that have set him on this incredible career path where he has played a crucial role in countless projects - many way ahead of their time. We take an extensive look at alumni engagement metrics and how important they are to an engagement strategy.

Alumni engagement metrics (AEM), in simple terms, is the measure of how connected former students are with their alma mater, in one mode or the other. Many institutions still find themselves on the fence about using engagement scores to facilitate their engagement strategies, even though these scores can help improve their outreach and make them more efficient. Thomas shares his experience with using these metrics for over a decade, in a wide range of projects, and the astounding results they bring along. Tune in to know more about the how and why of AEM and a book recommendation you would surely want to add to your list!

Thomas McArthur
Thomas McArthur is the Assistant Vice President for Alumni and Family Engagement at the College of Wooster. With over two decades of experience in the field with several institutions, Mr. McArthur works with a team of professionals to oversee and execute a comprehensive alumni and parent engagement program, communications, and advancement services.