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Understand how advancement professionals around the world are leveraging the internet to their benefit.
A guide to modern day alumni relations

An insightful book with data from recent alumni studies and insights from hundreds of clients to offer suggestions on alumni...

A comprehensive guide to planning a Giving Day

Giving Days seem to be working magically for some schools. Here is a comprehensive guide on planning a Giving Day for success...

A comprehensive guide to marketing a Giving Day

To meet the ambitious goals of Giving Day campaign, schools needs to leverage every marketing channel available. Here is a...


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We understand your world. Use these free software (no strings attached) to make your day-to-day easier.

Find public information about your alumni

There’s a lot of public information about all of us on the internet. This tool lets you find public information about all of your alumni by just keying in their name and location. You could find their phone numbers, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles, pictures, work history, etc. Try it out now and you’ll be surprised!

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Thoughts from leaders in advancement, along with a sneak peak into the latest happenings at Almabase.
Events – Introducing Accompanying Guests &...

Events are getting a major upgrade! And it tackles some key issues that schools face when it comes to event management, the...

GDPR And Your Alumni Network

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was the hottest keyword this May. That is because the deadline to comply with GDP...

Introducing Engagement Rating On Data Studio

On Almabase, you’ve always had access to the engagement summary of a record. And it’s a great way to look at historical...

A Refreshingly New Sign Up Experience For Your...

Registered users probably are the most important stakeholders in your road to better engagement. Adding to the strategic challenge o...

Introducing Easy Login To Reduce Alumni Drop Off

As an alumni relations professional, we know how much you value your alumni and how engaging them is one of your...

3 Ways To Welcome The Class Of 2018 With...

So the class of 2018 just stepped in. As an alumni relations professional, it is your duty to make sure they feel welcomed. To...


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