Daily Engagement Report

Daily Engagement Report




September 30, 2017

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Several alumni engage on your Almabase platform everyday. Knowing who is engaging and how is useful to take decisions on how to drive further engagement. It also provides interesting reasons to talk to specific alumni and build those relationships.

You always had the ability to lookup these kind of reports from data studio but we realized it would be better if we surfaced out these specific insights for you automatically. Wouldn’t it be so convenient if we delivered these reports to you every day? :-)

Introducing Daily Engagement Report

You will now start receiving an email every morning at 7 AM with a report of the users that were active on your Almabase platform yesterday. These are the segments you will see on this email:

1. Signed up yesterday — All the new users who signed up yesterday. You could use this list to verify those users, you could write them a personal note, you could give them a call and say “Hey, I noticed you signed up on the alumni website yesterday, how are you doing?”.

2. Users who updated their profiles — All the users who updated their profiles yesterday, so you can see the updated information. Users who are interested in keeping their information updated tend to be more engaged.

3. Users who registered to an event — If you have upcoming events, this email will give you a quick heads up on the registrations you are receiving.

4. Gifts — Users who made a gift on the platform yesterday will be shown up here. We recommend using this list as a reminder to write a personalized thank you note or maybe even a phone call.

But that's not all :) We've also included a section for all your members who are celebrating their birthdays or wedding anniversaries today. Go ahead and wish them personally.

If you are an admin of the Almabase platform, you will receive this email, on the email ID mentioned on your profile. If you haven’t received this email, please reach out to us and we’ll be able to include you.

As always, please do keep your feedback coming in. We’d love to know how you use this report everyday.

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