Events - Introducing Accompanying Guests & The Check-in App

Events - Introducing Accompanying Guests & The Check-in App




August 1, 2018

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Events are getting a major upgrade! And it tackles some key issues that schools face when it comes to event management, the data-trail after the event, and measuring engagement.

In this August release, Events will now be able to:

1. Count the exact number of people expected to attend with each registration

2. Check in people at the event using a web app so you have data on no-shows and on-spot registrations

Schools have tackled these issues using spreadsheets, clipboards, highlighters and name tags. While the process got the job done, the event organizer needed to spend hours trying to clean up data, and some data just got lost in the noise. And with larger events, the problem compounded.

Who's really attending?

Registering for an event is a big step towards engagement. But every event is not the same. Free events could garner more registrations, but the no-shows were equally large. You could use a pen and paper to keep track of things and walk away with clean up work to do after the event.With the new Check-in app on Almabase, volunteers/managers can check in pre-registered guests in just a few taps. You can also add spot registrations to make sure you get as much data as possible.

Match guests to your database instantly

Here’s where the magic kicks in. For users that already have a record on Almabase, the event attendance is automatically attributed to their engagement.

That means accurate data on data studio, a better engagement rating and accurate participation reports and more - all just with a few taps.

Low maintenance. Low Clean up. You will, however, need to decide what you will be doing with all that free time.

Precise Planning

When you don’t know the exact count of people, schools tend to overcompensate for the uncertainty. With the accompanying guests' feature, you can take out the guesswork.Each time a user registers, the user can enter in the number of guests he/she expects to be accompanying them. So you know how many chairs to put in, and how many plates you need.

New Volunteer Permissions!

You can now also add volunteers to your event. Volunteers have access to the check-in app so that you can easily scale up your check-in counters if you have a large event. You could also perhaps ask split up check-in responsibility by class so that the class volunteer from the class of 1998 can check in and manage the registration for all his/her classmates.

Enabling Check-In for your platform

There are a few more changes under the hood which you will be able to review in the support documentation. Speak to your account manager today to learn about other changes that are coming to events and how you can enable the check-in feature for your school today!

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