Events : Here's what's changing.

Events : Here's what's changing.




March 7, 2019

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March 7, 2019

Events have been around on Almabase for a while now and has grown to be one of among most utilized channels to engage constituents offline. As usage grew, the kind of events that needed to be created grew diverse and the more we realized that most event solutions out there, are not meant to handle the kind of complexities that come up during reunions - while considering engagement data to manage.

So, we went back to the drawing board to redesign events and we're excited to roll it out today to all platforms.

While a whole lot has changed (we will be covering more in our support documentation), here's everything you need to know :

1: A fresh new interface, for everyone

We've completely redesigned the interface and experience for the user. Each event also now lives on its own page – free from unnecessary navigational options.

Additionally, the admin side for events is now entirely mobile responsive. Which means you can create an event, add photos, add guests, check-in guests, record payments, export, and everything else you needed to do from your computer, now on your mobile device.

2: Editable Registrations and additional RSVP options

Need to accommodate for change of plans? different tickets? additional guests? Not a problem. Each registration can now be edited both by the guest and event admins.

Guests can now also respond with a 'Maybe' or 'Not attending' during their registration.

3: Sub Events

You can now assign tickets to your event schedule (previously called 'Agenda') which will then appear to your guests in chronological order as they select the tickets they require. Great for grouping sub-event tickets and displaying tickets in the same order as that of the event schedule.

4: Additional Ticket Types

You can now select one of three types of tickets based on your use case.

1. Mandatory Tickets behave like base fares that need to be applied to every guest on the registration (including accompanying guests).

2. Seated Tickets behave like reservations made for a particular guest. Use seated tickets when the person needs to be physically present at the event, or when you need to know exactly which guest is attending and not just a number, like at an award ceremony or dinner. Seated tickets also work great with guest forms - more on that later.

3. Open Tickets behave like anonymous tickets that can be bought in any quantity by the buyer. Works great for t-shirts, tours etc.

Oh, and tickets now also support images for that homecoming merchandise :)

5: Guest Forms

Previously, you could add a 'Registration Form' that was asked once per registration. With the new events, you can add 'Guest Forms' – a form that asked once for each guest mentioned on the registration. Works great if you need to know the dietary preference of every guest that will be attending.

6: Stripe Support with Apple & Google Pay

Events now support in-page payments without ever having to leave your platform using Stripe. Additionally, guests can pay on their mobile devices using Apple & Google Pay for one-touch payments.

Support for Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) coming soon.

7: Better Discounts

The new events have a few tricks up it sleeves when it comes to discounts:

1. No more remembering or pasting discount codes with public discounts that anyone can use as they register.

2. Discounts applicable only to paid members of your organization with Member discounts.

3. Discounts applicable only to certain affiliations like student.

8: Automated Event Reminder

While paid events have a reasonably predictable turnout, free events have a large problem with no-shows. Which is why we built an automated event reminder that is sent a day before the event to your guests that remind them of the event and nudge them to modify their registration if they won't be able to make it.

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