Automate gift-import into Almabase from Raiser's Edge NXT

Automate gift-import into Almabase from Raiser's Edge NXT




March 20, 2023

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March 20, 2023

We are constantly adding new capabilities to our integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT to help you create delightful alumni experiences while minimizing the resources and time you spend collecting, cleaning, reporting and updating data.

Powered by industry's first bi-directional sync with Raiser's Edge NXT

That’s why today we’re thrilled to introduce the gift-pull feature that makes it effortlessly easy for you to pull gifts from Raiser's Edge NXT based on various criteria like fund, campaign, appeal, and date-range and relay them back to specific giving pages.

No more going back and forth to check if the gift data across your systems are the same. Gift-Pull ensures they will be.

Let's dive into the key highlights of this feature:

Keep gift data consistent across NXT and Almabase

While previously you could push gifts received on Almabase in one click into Raiser’s Edge NXT, now you can pull any gift from Raiser’s Edge NXT. We’ve provided a range of filters like campaign, appeal, gift type and date-range to ensure you’ve complete control over what gifts you import.

Craft personalized outreach to your donors

We just one-upped the raft of filters that let you create personalized email outreach campaigns. Thanks to the gift-pull feature, your constituents’ gift history is now updated on Almabase, which means you can now build email lists based on giving behavior.

Planning a targeted email campaign just for LYBUNTS? Let’s do it.

Showcase up-to-date information on your Giving Pages

Adding a gift manually to Raiser’s Edge NXT? No problem. Now you can relay that gift data back to Almabase, thus ensuring your leaderboards and campaign goals on the giving pages reflect the latest donations received. You can also configure automated gift-pull workflows at intervals you like for your ongoing campaigns.

Additionally, special care has gone into ensuring duplicate entries don’t crop up either in Almabase or Raiser’s Edge NXT every time a pull is made.

Get email notifications for every pull

Keeping any collaborators informed will help avoid any unplanned imports. You can create a list of recipients to notify every time a gift-pull is completed.

Our gift-pull feature is available starting today.

If you’re an Almabase customer, simply log into the platform to create your first gift-pull.

If you’re not an Almabase customer, click here to learn more about our industry-leading integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT.

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