How Charlotte Christian School brings young alumni back to school with a pizza party each year

With the younger generation of alumni often overwhelmed with their new college life, Charlotte Christian School came up with a fun way to help them de-stress. Each year, the school organizes a good old-fashioned pizza party inviting young alumni to spend time with their fellow classmates and friends. The school has been consistently hosting the free event for five years, ensuring to provide value as a way to beat stress and network with fellow alumni and teachers.


event attendees for 5 consecutive years


email engagement

William Peace University grand welcome to the Class of 2020 virtually with Almabase

About Charlotte Christian School

Established in 1950, Charlotte Christian School is a Christ-centered, college preparatory, independent, non-denominational school serving students in grades JK-12. With an alumni strength of over 3000, the school offers a rigorous academic program including strong co-curricular offerings and successful athletic and fine arts programs. As a Christ-centered school, students are taught how to integrate Biblical truth and learning into their daily lives to impact the culture for Christ.

The Alumni Relations team at Charlotte Christian School is overseen by Reid Fronk, Alumni Relations Director and assisted by Justin Bingham, Creative Media Specialist, Tess Regan, Webmaster, and Lisa Hinson, graphic designer.

What challenges did Charlotte Christian School face?

Limited staff resources

As a small team of four, the Alumni Relations team at Charlotte Christian School, found it challenging to manage multiple functions ranging from maintaining an alumni database, planning events, and communicating updates to alumni. As a result of this, the team was unable to devote their time to plan anything exclusive to engaging ‘young alumni’.

Outdated alumni data

With the younger generation of alumni often moving to a new city to attend college, it is hard to keep an accurate account of their contact information.

Traditional alumni engagement strategies proved ineffective

While the school’s older alumni were responding well to traditional engagement strategies, the team noticed that the same approach was not working for the younger generation of alumni.

What did Charlotte Christian School achieve after implementing Almabase?

Consistent alumni engagement ensured with targeted emails and videos

As a result of streamlined functions and event management efficiency, Charlotte Christian School is now able to engage alumni with emails, social media posts, and drive RSVPs to the College Alumni Pizza Party event page.

The Alumni Relations team knew that in order to engage this younger generation of alumni, they would have target alumni across various media channels. Apart from leveraging targeted email campaigns and social media, the school sent out a video featuring beloved teachers wishing their alumni good luck ahead of their exams and conveying to them how much they care. The video also acts as a special appeal for alumni to come back to school for a wonderful time with their teachers and friends.

40+ attendees each year
45% engagement via targeted email campaigns

College Alumni Pizza Party 2020 event page

Watch the full video here:

Charlotte Christian School inviting alumni to come back to school for a fun night with friends and teachers

Charlotte Christian School brings young alumni back to school
Charlotte Christian School sends Christmas greetings to its alumni. The school also ensured to include, in the email body, the link to the video mentioned above and a call for alumni to reach out in case they’re looking for any professional opportunities

Targeted email campaign for the Class of 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 alumni, sharing a video of their former teachers wishing them good luck for their upcoming exams

Value to alumni

With this annual College Alumni Pizza Party event, Charlotte Christian School is able to provide its alumni with an opportunity to de-stress and network with friends and teachers. The purpose of the event is to offer value to former students in the form of any assistance that they might need, be it career guidance or emotional/mental support. 

Updated alumni database

With the platform automatically capturing alumni information during registration and the event drawing in steady numbers over the last five to six years, Charlotte Christian school today has 92% contactable alumni records. 

92% contactable alumni records

Charlotte Christian School continues to organize successful events year after year with Almabase. You can see more of the school’s pages here.

Check out Charlotte Christian School’s upcoming College Alumni Pizza Party here.

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