How Christian Brothers Academy went fully virtual for their first giving day

Like hundreds of schools dealing with the economic impact of COVID-19, Christian Brothers Academy is following its mission by striving to ensure that no student leaves the Academy due to financial concerns. Amidst the need for financial assistance and to bring its community together during these tough times, the school went fully virtual for its first-ever Giving Day, successfully raising over $77,000 in 24 hours.


of the estimated goal reached


Individual Donors


Campaign Ambassadors

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About Christian Brothers Academy

Christian Brothers Academy (also known as CBA or "The Academy"),located in the Lincroft section of Middletown Township, New Jersey is a private, all-boys preparatory school for grades nine to twelve, with a focus on Christian education. The school is run by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, founded by St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle.

A rich and rigorous curriculum, programs of spiritual formation, and a broad range of academic, athletic, and cultural activities enable CBA students to become intellectually mature and morally responsible leaders for the Church and society.

With over 16,000+ constituents spread across the world, the Academy is a 2-time National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence winner.

What challenges did the Christian Brothers Academy face?

Increased need for financial aid due to COVID-19

Christian Brothers Academy anticipated an increased need for financial aid in the wake of COVID-19. During these challenging times, financial aid plays a key role as the Academy tries to focus its efforts on supporting its community. The Academy is accountable for ensuring that no student leaves school due to financial concerns and continues to receive the education that he deserves once this situation dies down.

Limited experience in hosting Giving Days virtually

While Christian Brothers Academy anticipated the immediate need to raise funds, their staff had never hosted a Giving Day previously and therefore, lacked relevant experience. To add to that, social restrictions amidst COVID-19 made it impossible for the Academy to make fundraising asks the traditional way. Christian Brothers Academy had to completely switch to the virtual mode to communicate, connect, and urge its community to contribute to their cause.

Limited time & staff resources

The advancement efforts at Christian Brothers Academy is overseen by a five-member team. However, the driving force behind Giving Day fundraising at the Academy is Thomas Ferro, the Director of The Fund for The Academy. Thomas Ferro had the massive task of catering to 16,000+ constituents while shouldering the responsibility of hosting Christian Brother Academy’s first-ever Giving Day with only 30 days to go.

What was Christian Brothers Academy able to achieve after implementing Almabase?

Go completely virtual for their first ever giving day

The economic impact of COVID-19 prompted Christian Brothers Academy to think of various strategies to better connect with their community during these testing times and garner their support to bring in much needed funds to ensure long-term stability. The Academy hosted their first-ever giving day, successfully raising over $77,000 in 24 hours.

The Academy set up a branded giving page and ensured a smooth registration process for constituents.

Head over to The Academy Giving Day Page

Christian Brothers Academy created a solid marketing plan to make their first giving day a success. In the light of strict social distancing measures, the Academy adopted a virtual communication strategy to be able to connect with their community and get maximum participation.

Christian Brothers Academy upped their game on social media and made brilliant use of email marketing to spread awareness and rally support for their Academy Giving Day campaign.

Here's a glimpse of the Facebook campaign #coltshelpingcolts rallying support from alumni, parents, and friends.

One day before the campaign, CBA President Frank Byrne talks about the impact of the pandemic and stresses on the importance that the Academy Giving Day holds. Watch the post on Facebook.

Another Facebook post on the day of the campaign urging the CBA community to contribute and help the institution deal with the financial crisis brought about by COVID-19. See the post on Facebook.

                                         Follow this link to check out the Academy’s #coltshelpingcolts campaign.

The Academy also made use of email marketing and news features via the school’s alumni platform to keep their constituents notified about updates and rally support for their giving day.

The Academy announced their first-ever Giving Day on their alumni website one week prior to the campaign. Head over to the alumni website to see this feature.

Here’s a quick look at the targeted email campaign Christian Brothers Academy sent to its constituents. The Academy also ensured to include information about parent challenges and gift matching challenges in these emails, incentivizing the community to make a contribution.

CBA encouraging class representatives to make an early donation and sharing an update for an added bonus for alumni

Targeted email sent to parents motivating them to make a gift in honor of their son, his class or the recently graduated Class of 2020. The email also includes details of gift matching challenges inspiring parents to compete amongst one another.

The Academy’s email to all constituents reminding them of the limited time left for the campaign to end and urging them to act fast.

$ 77,237.68 raised
85% of the estimated goal reached
248 online gifts

Inspire a sense of competition amongst donors and amplify the impact

Christian Brothers Academy leveraged the support of its online community to amplify the impact of donations. The school provided its donors with the ability to track the impact of their contribution and also have an insight into who influenced the most number of gifts. With the click of a button, donors could effectively reach their entire social media network and share their contribution measurable via real-time stats, influencing their peers to also donate for the Academy’s cause.

The Academy leveraged gamification techniques like leaderboards, challenges, and tributes to invoke a healthy sense of competition amongst class years and various constituent groups.

Multiple challenges unlocked during the Giving Day campaign

Honor wall showcasing the recent gifts made by community members

Influencer Leaderboard

19K gifts influenced by campaign supporters
24% of total gifts came through peer-to-peer solicitation

Real-time dashboards for efficient campaign management & monitoring

From creating a branded giving page to gift processing, all fundraising functions could be handled via a single dashboard easily. This made end-to-end campaign management easy, efficient, and helped Thomas Ferro single-handedly focus on implementing marketing campaigns to boost participation at the giving day.

The advancement team had access to real-time insight into all important metrics including the number of donors, total gift amount, campaign ambassadors, social shares, email engagement rates, and much more. This data is easily accessible and downloadable by the staff members and acts as an efficient data point for the school to plan future campaigns.

Christian Brothers Academy continues to support its constituents throughout the COVID-19 crisis and organize giving campaigns round the year with Almabase. Head over to the Academy's alumni website.

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