How COPE Health Solutions elevates its brand image via Alumni Spotlight

As one of the top 20 largest healthcare management firms in the United States, COPE Health Solutions has a huge responsibility of maintaining its brand image. In order to achieve this, the organization showcases the outstanding achievements of its alumni, through its Alumni Spotlight program. With a multi-format approach of using both text and video, they are able to build their brand image and also engage alumni effectively.


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About COPE Health Solutions 

COPE Health Solutions is a national mission-driven consulting firm that partners with health systems and payor clients. The firm has expertise in all aspects of population health, strategy, delivery system development, payment system reform, workforce development, and population health management support services, including peerless analytics and performance improvement. In order to help health systems cultivate a well-trained and prepared workforce that meets the current and future demands of the evolving health care system, COPE Health Solutions has partnered with the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health’s Executive Programs in Health Policy and Management to offer the COPE Health Scholars programs. These experiential education programs give high school students, college students and career changers the opportunity to learn a patient-centered approach to care, advance their professional school candidacy and build a foundation for their careers in health care.

COPE Connect is a network of over 35,000 COPE Health Solutions and COPE Health Scholars alumni joined by a shared commitment to continuous professional development and a culture of lifelong learning. Their vision is to engage members through an online and in-person community of health care professionals and pre-professionals in order to continually link with the next generation of health workforce leadership, learn from industry experts and lead future innovations in patient care.

What challenges did  COPE Health Solutions face?

Outdated alumni database

Like most institutions, COPE Health Solutions had either limited or scattered information with respect to its large alumni population. While the institution was capturing alumni information at events, it was inadequate for maintaining an updated alumni database. While the organization wanted to contact alumni to showcase their achievements, an outdated directory posed more problems.

Limited visibility of content posted

Another problem that the team faced was the limited visibility of the content that they posted. In the absence of a designated page for showcasing alumni achievements, fellow alumni and students often missed out on these updates. 

Lack of engaging content

COPE Health Solutions primarily used emails to collect information for the spotlight features. As the content received was, most of the time, in a similar text format, it was starting to feel repetitive. While collecting the information for Alumni Spotlights was already challenging enough, along came the problem of distributing it and maximizing its reach. Very few alumni were ardent followers and the organization was faced with the challenge of penetrating a wider audience.

What did COPE Health Solutions achieve after implementing Almabase?

Increased brand value and stronger bonds with alumni as a result of Alumni Spotlights

Connected to over 35,000 alumni, COPE Health Solutions is able to engage and provide value in the form of a digital alumni community, with ample opportunities for peer-to-peer networking and mentorships.

By consistently spotlighting achievements of the finest healthcare practitioners/providers in the US, the organization is on a steady path to building an unmatched reputation and fulfilling its mission of accelerating sustainable population health management and driving value-based care transformation.

In combination with regular text format, COPE Health Solutions now captures alumni testimonials in video format, resulting in higher engagement. Here’s an example of how COPE Health Solutions effectively captures two of its health scholars as they reflect on their valuable learning experience on the COPE Health Scholar program. 

Watch the full video here.

The video is to the point and engaging. More importantly, the video being filmed at alumni’s workplaces not only makes it look more authentic but also appealing to the audience. 

The Art of Storytelling

COPE Health Solutions ensures that each spotlight feature video narrates genuine stories of professional growth. Each of these alumni stories revolve around experiences that shaped their careers and truly made a difference in their professional lives. 

Seeing alumni reflect on their own experiences is something that COPE Health Solution’s constituents really resonated with. 

35,000 alumni connected worldwide

Updated alumni database

As alumni share their updated contact information during the sign-up process, COPE Health Solutions is able to maintain accuracy with respect to its alumni database. Alumni also have to ability to add details such as employment data, interests, and notification preferences to their individual profile pages, contributing towards an up-to-date alumni directory.

25,935 contactable alumni records

Wider reach as a result of multi-channel distribution

As an institution catering to both younger and older alumni, COPE Health Solutions knew that it had to adopt various channels of communication to engage diverse segments. The organization used emails, social media, as well as offline magazine copies to maximize the reach of its alumni spotlight features.

COPE Health Solutions shares the alumni spotlight features in its monthly newsletter - COPE CONNECT DIGEST

One-click social media sharing options on each spotlight feature

COPE Health Solutions continues to grow alumni engagement & increase brand value via Alumni Spotlights on Almabase. You can see COPE Health Solutions’ digital alumni network here.

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