How did Furman University drive 900+ Homecoming registrations by turning to Almabase?

Furman University struggled with considerable challenges with its previous event management system for its lack of user-friendliness, especially on mobile devices, leading to an alarmingly low registration rate and a steady stream of complaints from users who found the system clunky and unresponsive. The college was in dire need of a system that could streamline its event management process, enhance the user experience, and ultimately boost participation in college events.


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About Furman University

Founded in 1826, Furman is the oldest private university in South Carolina. It offers students a distinctive education in fine arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, sciences, and select professional disciplines.

Life Before Almabase

Inefficient and manual registration processes

Furman University witnessed limited registrations due to a clunky registration form earlier. Constituents would often get tired of trying to register manually and close out the form, abandoning the registration process altogether and ultimately affecting the accuracy of the registrant data.

The inefficiency of the manual registration process reflected the need for a more streamlined and automated approach.

A clunky sub-events sign-in

Before Almabase, Furman University was bogged down with user complaints as their event management platform was not user-friendly, particularly on mobile, leading to a low events turnout rate. Frustrated by the platform's clunky interface, users often expressed dissatisfaction.

Disintegrated Systems and Impaired User Data Management

The advancement team at the university experienced significant challenges in managing event-related information. This disorganization stemmed from the need for a cohesive system, leading to extensive back-and-forth communication within the team to gather necessary data.

For instance, it took time to determine the exact number of tickets an individual purchased or if they were bringing guests. The resultant data was confusing and lacked clarity, significantly impeding the team's ability to manage event details efficiently.

Life on Almabase

Delivering a world-class experience from registration to sub-event check-in

With Almabase, Furman University was able to offer an intuitive registration experience across devices, ultimately seeing a boost in registration numbers. On the day of the event, guests could check in instantly and without queues using QR codes.

Theresa Cureton

Comprehensive reporting for improved guest planning

Furman University has access to 360-degree comprehensive reports of event attendees. The guest dashboard was a game-changer in providing precise numbers for attendees across sub-events, which was crucial for coordinating with catering and event spaces. The team seamlessly managed 14 events and scaled event programming across the campus.

Simplifying a complex setup

Almabase helped Furman University streamline all event processes—from setting up registration forms to merchandise and ticketing to guest communication and sub-event management. This allowed them to dedicate more time to curating the event than spending hours on setup.

Cleanly capturing data on Raiser's Edge NXT

Almabase saved countless hours by eliminating the need to manually and cleanly input guest tickets and payment data across sub-events into Raiser's Edge with no effort.


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