How Greenwich Academy boosted alumnae participation with its Annual Reunion event

One of the key goals for Greenwich Academy was to engage alumnae actively. The institution successfully completed its Annual Reunion 2019 event with Almabase and was successful in bringing over 140 alumnae to attend the event and raising more than $6300 in ticket revenue.


event attendees


ticket revenue

William Peace University grand welcome to the Class of 2020 virtually with Almabase

About Greenwich Academy

Founded in 1827, Greenwich Academy is the oldest girls’ school in Connecticut. An independent, college-preparatory day school for girls and young women who seek to foster excellence, Greenwich Academy has over 5,000 alumnae around the globe. 

The school’s mission is to provide a challenging, comprehensive educational experience grounded in a rigorous liberal arts curriculum within an inclusive, diverse community. The school’s objective is to develop girls and young women of exceptional character and achievement who demonstrate independence, resilience, courage, integrity, and compassion.

What challenges was Greenwich Academy facing?

Tedious event planning

At Greenwich Academy, all alumnae relations functions were majorly handled by two key members of the Alumnae Relations team - Carolyn Russell (Director of the Annual Fund) and Jen Malone (Advancement Associate). With only two people in charge of planning an entire event by themselves and handling multiple channels of communication, event planning was a major challenge for the institution.

Lack of a smooth registration experience for alumnae

With the existing platform in place, alumnae were unable to register for any event without signing up. This led to a significant number of alumnae dropping off the platform without registering for the event. Also, with alumnae having limited visibility and flexibility with respect to event details and payment options respectively, their registration experience was far from seamless.

Low alumnae participation

For a two-member team to keep over 5,000 alumnae engaged, it was a herculean task. Greenwich Academy also found it challenging to keep track of event attendees post events.

What was Greenwich Academy able to achieve after implementing Almabase?

Increased event participation

With the ability to create event pages and handle all communications from a single platform, Greenwich Academy was able to engage more alumnae and host a successful reunion event. The Alumnae Relations team was able to effortlessly engage with alumnae in the form of relevant emails and social media updates, recording 160+ new engagement activities. 

142 event attendees
$3755 ticket revenue

A smooth event registration experience

Greenwich Academy, in collaboration with Almabase, created an enhanced event registration experience for its alumnae. After setting up a dedicated page for the event, the Alumnae Relations team ensured that alumnae could sign up for the upcoming event without having to register on the platform. A dedicated page for the event made it possible for alumnae to get all the details regarding the venue, timings, and schedule in one place. Having visibility on event attendees, more alumnae signed up without hesitation. The institution also added multiple tickets and discount options to ensure an enriched experience for alumnae. See Greenwich Academy’s Reunion 2019 page here.

Greenwich Academy’s Annual Reunion 2019 event page

Discount options available during registration

Flexible ticket options during registration

Streamlined operations as a result of an event management platform

Greenwich Academy could effortlessly manage everything from pre-event to post-event follow up, with the help of a single platform. The institution was also able to get an overview of important metrics related to social media engagement, event participation, and email communication.

Greenwich Academy continues to organize successful events year after year with Almabase. You can see more of their pages here. 

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