How the College of Idaho provided valuable support to ‘Young Alumni’ in the form of a Financial Planning Workshop

With young alumni often stressed about managing personal finances the right way, the college wanted to provide them with all the help that they needed. The College of Idaho decided to do this by organizing a free workshop on ‘Saving Money & Paying Off Debts’, with the goal of providing valuable support and fostering lasting relationships with the younger generation of alumni.


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About the College of Idaho 

Founded in 1891, The College of Idaho is the state's first private liberal arts college. The institution is committed to an innovative, individualized curriculum in liberal arts and professional studies, building a strong campus community, and exercising stewardship. With a total alumni strength of 15,000, the college is known for hosting frequent alumni events to inculcate the culture of maintaining stronger relationships with one's roots.

The college is known for its outstanding academic programs, winning athletics tradition, and history of producing successful graduates, including seven Rhodes Scholars, three governors, four NFL players, and countless business leaders and innovators. The College also strongly believes in hosting frequent alumni events to inculcate the culture of maintaining stronger relationships with one's roots.

The College of Idaho is ranked #131 in National Liberal Arts Colleges.

What challenges did the College of Idaho face?

Limited staff resources

Part of a two-member team, Sally Skinner - Director of Alumni & Parent Relations and Danielle Dougherty Durham - Alumni & Parent Relations Coordinator, are the driving forces behind all alumni relations functions at the College of Idaho. For a team of this size, planning anything exclusive for ‘young alumni’, while simultaneously engaging over 15,000 alumni was a big challenge. 

Outdated alumni data

Like most institutions, the College of Idaho was unable to keep its alumni database updated. ‍With the younger generation of alumni often moving to a new city to go to a university or pursue employment opportunities, it was even harder to keep an accurate account of their contact information.

Traditional engagement strategies proved ineffective with respect to young alumni

While it was relatively easier to reach out to older alumni with traditional engagement strategies, the same approach wasn’t proving to be fruitful with respect to the younger generation of alumni.

What did the College of Idaho achieve after implementing Almabase?

Streamlined event management

With streamlined functions and event management efficiency, the College of Idaho is now able to effortlessly handle everything from RSVPs to email communication. As the college already had a steady following on social media, the Alumni Relations team created an event page on Facebook, in addition to a designated event page on their alumni networking platform. 

Through a series of social media posts and targeted emails, the institution ensured to consistently emphasize the immense value associated with attending the workshop. Additionally, the college will feature a post dedicated to this event in its next alumni magazine, the Quest.

25 event attendees
19 new emails acquired
33 new engagement activities recorded

To generate excitement much ahead, the college ensured that alumni knew what to expect out of the workshop

Social media post reminding alumni about the upcoming workshop

To raise awareness about this event, The College of Idaho used segmented alumni lists to target alumni based 20 miles from downtown Boise and graduated post 2005

Value to alumni

With the ‘Saving Money & Paying Off Debts’ workshop, the College of Idaho is successfully able to deliver on its commitment to help young alumni with one of the most challenging aspects of adult life - financial preparedness. Based on the overwhelming support and positive responses received post this free workshop, the college intends to do a series of free workshops for its young alumni. The next in the series will be titled “Real Estate 101 - Planning Your Home Ownership”.  

The feedback post ‘Saving Money & Paying Off Debts’ workshop has been incredible. Here's what some of their alumni said:

"Whitney Hansen's workshop was extremely valuable and reignited my interest in personal finance. I now find myself listening to Whitney's podcast on a daily basis, searching for side hustles, and am halfway through one of two books that she recommended to me. Her willingness to stay afterward and answer additional questions I had was greatly appreciated, and I'm thankful to the College of Idaho for providing these opportunities for both current students and alumni!" 

– Seth Raver ‘15


“The information provided is relevant and valuable to anyone who feels trapped by their financial circumstances. Whitney did a good job highlighting actions I can do right now to set myself up for a brighter financial future.” 

– Brittany Thach, Junior

Updated alumni database

With the platform automatically capturing alumni contact information during event registrations, the College of Idaho no longer has to worry about manually updating its alumni database. 

96% contactable alumni records

The College of Idaho continues to organize successful workshops and other events year after year with Almabase. You can see more of the college’s pages here.

Visit the College of Idaho’s ‘Saving Money & Paying Off Debts’ workshop page here.

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