St. Ignatius College Prep increases their giving day donations by 80%

Almabase enabled St. Ignatius College Preparatory to set up customized giving day websites in no time. By leveraging the power of peer-to-peer fundraising, coupled with the ease of donation, the institute was able to increase their alumni participation.


increase in the number of donors


increase in the amount raised

About St. Ignatius College Preparatory

St. Ignatius College Preparatory is a private, Catholic preparatory school. Set up in the Jesuit tradition, the institute serves the San Francisco Bay Area since 1855. More than a high school, it is a community of lifelong learners, supporting students to develop skills that make them thriving adults. The institute is known for a rigorous and integrated program of academic, spiritual and co-curricular activities.

Hosting giving days continuously is also a big part of the institute’s culture. It helps them promote philanthropy and at the same time, improve the participation of their alumni in the institute’s growth.

Challenges In Hosting Giving Day Campaigns

Bad Donation Experience

Majority of the giving day gifts are from mobile, yet the online giving experience is not optimized for mobile devices. So, many alumni had a bad experience trying to donate from their mobile phone.

Difficulty in setting up giving pages

Hosting giving days needs the prompt creation of giving day pages to enable the alumni to make a gift online. But it requires the help of IT teams that often lengthens the time it needs to set up the basics for giving day campaigns.

Difficulty in customizing giving pages

Every giving day campaign cause is different. Every campaign requires customization of the websites. But without an easy to use and quick framework ready for every cause, the team needs to seek help from IT teams, causing a delay in taking the pages online.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory Giving Day Success With Almabase

Raising more than $257k+ in 2017 and $219k+ in 2018, St Ignatius College Preparatory hosted the 7th most successful giving day in the history of independent high schools in USA. Almabase made it easy for St. Ignatius College Preparatory to set up the giving day pages and execute strategic communications for outreach campaigns to maximize alumni participation.

Leveraging social giving

The peer to peer fundraising is a great way to get new donors and reach new networks of your alumni. Tapping to their large following on Facebook, the day ended with 31% of their donors being influenced on social media by their peers.

Leaderboard for alumni to track their influence

394 of 1,263 donors have come from peer-to-peer solicitation

Strategic email communication

Instead of sending out generic emails inviting their alumni network to participate in a giving day, St. Ignatius College Prep took to strategic communication with Almabase. Segmenting their email lists based on previous participation, interests and other filters, they approached email engagement with personalization. The campaign delivered successfully, resulting in high engagement rates.

For instance, the team can now easily create segments like ‘everyone living in San Fransisco’ or ‘people who live near the school,’ personalizing their outreach messages for better alumni engagement.

By sending targeted emails, the institute was able to get higher engagement rates than the industry average.

Frictionless donation experience

Almabase enables St. Ignatius College Prep to set up Giving Pages and effective Giving Day campaigns to keep their alumni engaged. With an emphasis on allowing secure donations and driving more participation with social giving and peer-to-peer fundraising, the institute now hosts successful giving days. They have been able to raise higher donations year on year.

Easy Raiser’s Edge integration

The seamless integration with Almabase enables the team to update their alumni database continually. The integration helps pull in data from previous alumni engagement, social media, contact details provided by them at events, and brings them together in an up-to-date directory. The updated data helps the institute create personalized giving day campaigns, leading to a higher number of donations.

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