Build supporters for a lifetime with alumni-centricity

Adopt an approach to advancement that prioritizes value-led relationship building by placing your alumni at the center of your program-design.

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Hundreds of leading educational institutions embrace alumni-centricity

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Failing to capture the interest of your alumni?

If you haven’t aligned your engagement strategy with the interests of your alumni, you are at a risk of losing them.

Lack of program relevance led to lower participation
alumni organizations see little engagement from the programs they offer.
Over-reliance on few major donors
of the alumni community account for 95% of the total donations.
Uninspiring engagement experience led to alumni abandonment
of alumni that want to become a member, donate or purchase will not do so due to friction in engagement experience.

*The above statistics are based on the 2020 VAESE Alumni Relations benchmark study

The way your alumni engage has evolved


Engage where they
see value

Value is the one true currency for engagement. Do your programs offer the value they seek?


Demand for tailored

Your alumni live in a world of simplified interactions and personalized experiences


Need more motivation
to donate

Of all the avenues your alumni can donate, why should they donate to their alma-mater?

Build alumni-centric programs to meet your alumni where they are

Drive your engagement strategy with the knowledge of what drives your alumni to become participants and donors.

Put alumni needs at the center
Grab the attention of your alumni with programs that cater to their desires by knowing them better.
Make participation easy
See engagement soar by making participation easy so your alumni stop abandoning your programs.
Back your efforts with data
Learn what turns your alumni into participants or donors through data to double down on impact.
Unlock admin efficiency
Automate mundane processes so you have the time to build value-driven relationships with your alumni.
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Providence Day School increased donations 5X by bringing various alumni segments to the center of their engagement strategy


Increase in donations

How making participation easy for alumni led Northwestern Health Sciences University to 1000+ event registrations in less than 2 years


event registrations
in less than 2 year

How Calvert Hall College High School raised $243,000 by leveraging social sharing and peer-to-peer donations


Increase in donations
in 3 years

Grow your supporter-base with alumni-centricity

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