Here’s how we’re supporting advancement teams at schools and universities through COVID-19

Amidst all the chaos that the coronavirus has brought about, it is our moral responsibility to support our community and keep them informed and connected. As the situation unfolds, we’re witnessing advancement teams around the world having to deal with a fresh set of challenges frequently.

This is a crucial time for institutions to engage with their constituents and focus heavily on nurturing these relationships. This page caters to the unique challenges faced by advancement teams and provides useful resources to help them power through these difficult times. 

Partnership with #GivingTuesday

In light of the new Global Day of Giving - #GivingTuesdayNow on May 5th, 2020, we're proud to announce our partnership with #GivingTuesday and our support for the global movement.

Here's what we're offering FREE OF COST in support of #GivingTuesdayNow:

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Boost your fundraising efforts with our Free Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding Software

We understand how important it is for schools and universities to fundraise right now and support their institutions and students during this pandemic. To help institutions fundraise more effectively, we're offering our Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding Solution FREE OF COST for any fundraising campaign until June 30th, 2020.

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Organize two virtual events for free. No hidden charges.

The pandemic has prompted schools and universities across the country to adopt virtual events to keep constituents engaged. As advancement teams conquer these uncharted waters, we've simplified virtual event management with our easy to use templates and gone a step further in extending our support by offering our solution FREE OF COST until 10/31/2020 for up to two virtual events.

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Educational Advancement From Home eBook

While remote working has been forced upon us due to unprecedented circumstances, it is here to stay for the long run. We’re certain that more and more professionals will work remotely in the future. Teams that don’t adapt to this new reality will get left behind. If you're working from home and want to learn how to effectively continue advancing your institutions, our Advancement from Home eBook is a must read for you.

Get this comprehensive guide for advancement teams at universities and schools, inclusive of strategies and tools, to be effective while working remotely.

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Case Studies

How Greenwich Academy hosted its Annual Alumnae Reunion virtually for the first time in history

Overcoming the constraints of social distancing amidst COVID-19, Greenwich Academy wanted to bring its alumnae community together in lieu of an in-person reunion. The school successfully hosted its flagship event, Annual Alumnae reunion virtually for the first time in history.

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How Antioch College got 400+ attendees to its Virtual Div Dance Party in 11 days amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

As colleges find unique ways to engage and support their alumni during this global crisis, Antioch College quickly adapted to the trend of virtual events. The college brought its alumni community together for a 6-hours long virtual dance party, with the aim of helping alumni de-stress and enjoya fun night with their friends.

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How Piedmont College set an alumni donor participation record amidst COVID-19

In an effort to maintain academic continuity & transform students' lives amidst the crisis, Piedmont College hosted its Lions Share-a-thon giving campaign, successfully growing alumni donor participation from less than 3% to more than 5% in a year and recording the highest participation from alumni during a Giving campaign.

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How The College of Idaho is driving alumni engagement amidst COVID-19 via a virtual race

With COVID-19 forcing alumni to be confined to their homes, the College of Idaho is hosting a virtual 5k race for alumni, helping them engage with one another while being socially distant and take actionable steps towards their health and well-being. The ongoing virtual race has successfully seen 100+ registrations in 20 days.

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How Samueli Academy is helping graduates get college-ready with their first ever virtual networking event

Amidst the constraints of COVID-19, Samueli Academy went completely virtual for its 4th annual virtual networking event - 2020 College Get Down. The school was able to support its Class of 2020 graduates via easily accessible services..

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How Christian Brothers Academy went fully virtual for their first giving day

Amidst the need for financial assistance and to bring its community together during these testing times, the Academy went fully virtual for its first-ever Giving Day, successfully raising over $77,000 in 24 hours.

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How William Peace University welcomed the Class of 2020 to the Alumni Association virtually

Knowing that the Class of 2020 would be unable to celebrate its commencement with traditional WPU events, the Office of Advancement launched a series of virtual engagement opportunities to toast to the success of these graduates.

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How the French American International School raised over $360,000 to support its community amidst COVID-19

As the school provides support to its students in the form of tuition, books, lunches, and to every family that needs help during these tough times, the French American International School anticipated a need to increase its financial budget for the next year. The school successfully completed its 48 Hours of Giving campaign, crossing its goal of $200,000 by 181%.

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Blog Posts

8 creative ideas to boost alumni engagement & fundraising amidst COVID-19

As the outbreak continues to disrupt alumni relations and fundraising, institutions are adopting unique and creative ways to engage their alumni digitally. Here's a look at the 8 best ideas that we've seen advancement teams implement during this crisis.

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4 simple steps to host a successful virtual event while you’re working from home

With schools and universities closed for a long time now, advancement staff members are adapting to the new norm of working from home while effectively engaging alumni and donors via the newest trend - virtual events. Backed by data from over 200+ institutions over the last 3 months, here's an ultimate virtual event checklist for advancement teams.

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Top 10 trending virtual events in Higher-Ed amidst COVID-19

As schools and universities explore unique ways to digitally engage their constituents, one trend that’s picking up is virtual events. Here are the top 10 virtual events that are helping advancement teams drive participation amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

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5 Fundraising ideas for your Virtual Homecoming in 2020

As schools and universities turn to host their 2020 Homecoming virtually, here are the top 5 best practices employed by advancement teams to maximize fundraising profit potential at their Virtual Homecoming this fall.

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5 emerging Alumni Relations trends that are here to stay

As institutions around the world go through a tremendous transformation in the way they approach, engage, and stay connected to their alumni, here’s a closer look at the 5 emerging trends in Alumni Relations that are here to stay.

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5 Fundraising Tips for Fall Giving Day in 2020

As institutions across the country start preparing for their Fall Giving Day 2020 and Giving Tuesday campaigns, here are 5 fundraising strategies to help them engage donors and boost donations this year.

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How can your alumni community support the Class of 2020?

As the Class of 2020 graduates stand robbed of their precious memories on campus and feel the impact of a looming job crisis, here are 5 unique ways in which your alumni community can help them overcome challenges during these testing times.

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What are on-demand alumni programs and why can’t they be ignored in 2020?

With the pandemic leading to increased online participation across the world, on-demand alumni programs have taken centre stage. Learn more about why on-demand alumni services are crucial for your alumni programming in 2020.

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5 ways to make your alumni program more accessible to all your alumni

As advancement professionals around the world rely on online alumni participation, institutions are adopting programs that are easily accessible to all alumni. Here are the top 5 on-demand services being implemented by your peers.

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Video Series

As alumni relations and fundraising face major disruption due to the coronavirus outbreak, we're gathering the best advancement ideas from across institutions over the next 30 days. Our campaign features ideas from industry experts and your favourite advancement leaders!

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