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How The Master’s Seminary maintains an updated alumni database with an automated process


up-to-date alumni records

How Mercy High School Burlingame keeps its Raiser's Edge database updated automatically


up-to-date alumnae records

How Samueli Academy uses personalized email campaigns to engage its online alumni community


alumni engaged over emails

How the College of Idaho is supporting its online alumni community amidst COVID-19


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Offer social and professional networking opportunities

Build a self-sustainable community that looks out for one another

Make it easy for alumni to connect with their peers and break down walls of communication.

Provide career support and guidance to students & alumni via mentorship

Provide your alumni a chance to contribute beyond dollars. Create a lightweight student/alumni mentoring programs to help your students and young alumni as they progress in their careers.

Open up avenues for jobs, internships, and volunteering

Create a resource that caters to the needs of all your alumni - from job & internship boards to volunteering opportunities.


​​Drive engagement with every single alum


Foster deeper alumni engagement via affinity groups

Facilitate affinity groups like class groups, chapters, athletic clubs, to run their own events, fundraising campaigns and offer discussion forums.

Enable alumni to connect with faculty

Get your alumni to reconnect with their teachers and professors, offering a wealth of opportunities in terms of career guidance and support.

Leverage the power of nostalgia

Evoke the right memories by sharing yearbook photos or asking alumni to make a gift towards the development of their favourite spot on campus.

Always maintain an up-to-date alumni database

Always maintain an up-to-date alumni database

Automatically capture updated alumni information

Alumni can pull their updated information from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles or update it themselves.

Seamlessly sync updated information with your database

Whether you use Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce or another database, our integration allows you to push all this updated information back into your database.

Find lost alumni

Almabase’s in-built algorithms allow your engaged alumni to invite classmates and peers from their social networks helping your institution find those lost alumni.

Make each alum feel special with personalized communication

Make each alum feel special with personalized communication

Learn who each of your alumni are today

Almabase tracks every alum’s interests, career and engagement information to help you understand each of your alumni better.

Personalize communication through segmentation

You can communicate with any segment of your alumni based on interests, geographic location, class year and more.

Facilitate self-service alumni engagement

Whether it is registering for an event, updating their profile, making a membership payment, or a gift, create a chaffeur-driven experience

Built to amplify the impact of your alumni relations staff

Integration with Raiser’s Edge to track attendance on your database

Your staff no longer has to worry about an outdated database or manual updates as our integration with Raiser’s Edge takes care of it.

Measure engagement with comprehensive reporting

Engagement across various opportunities is automatically tracked and made available to your staff to act on.

Built-in email marketing tool

Sending targeted emails to your alumni is a whole lot easier with our built-in email marketing tool and pre-loaded templates.

Expert consultation backed by data from hundreds of communities

Our team of online community experts partner with your institution to figure out the best strategy, marketing and messaging to boost alumni engagement.

Fully branded experience

From your logo to brand colours, your staff can customize the online community’s look and feel depending on what your alumni relate to.

Help when you need it

When you sign up with Almabase, your staff goes through comprehensive training, and gets access to on-demand videos along with chat and email support.

What our customers love about us!

Ellie Barker

Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
William Peace University

“Almabase has assisted us tremendously by streamlining many of our engagement efforts.”


increase in alumni engagement in one year

Dr. Jamila Sinlao Zanette

Alumnae Relations Manager
Mercy High School Burlingame

“Almabase has given Mercy High School an amazing foundation to grow our alumnae program.”


up-to-date alumnae records

Melissa Kiper

Director of Alumni Affairs
The University of Louisiana Monroe

“Almabase is a good tool for us to reach our alumni. The team not only answers operational questions but also advises on how to strategize for engagement and giving in the future.”



up-to-date alumni records

Norah Sarsour

Director of Alumni Success
Samueli Academy

“Customizable, innovative, great communication, adjust website to fit the strategy of the program, completely supportive and flexible, go out of their way to understand my vision.”


alumni engaged over emails

Danielle Dougherty Durham

Alumni Relations Coordinator
The College of Idaho

“Almabase is user-friendly, easy to learn, and the customer success team is always quick to help us with troubleshooting or even adapting the platform based on our needs."


event registrations in 20 days amidst COVID-19 crisis

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