How The Master’s Seminary automated its process of updating data and got 37% of its database updated in 45 days

Keeping track of over 1500 contacts across 30 years was a major challenge for a single-person team at The Master’s Seminary. While the institution was collecting alumni information at events, that was inadequate to keep the alumni database updated. With Almabase’s ability to pull alumni contact information from LinkedIn and Facebook and automatically update it on Raiser’s Edge, The Master’s Seminary was able to completely automate its process of updating data.


registered alumni on the alumni portal


of the alumni database updated within 45 days

William Peace University grand welcome to the Class of 2020 virtually with Almabase
The result of this process is that the school now has 100% contactable alumni records.

About The Master’s Seminary

The Master’s Seminary, the graduate seminary division of The Master’s University and Seminary, was founded in 1986, with the total strength of ninety-five students and four full-time faculty members. What began with only ninety-five students has grown into an institution that now has twenty-two full-time faculty training almost 600 men. 

Located in Sun Valley, California, the institution’s carefully-crafted curriculum holds true to an unwavering commitment to the worship of God, the authority of His Word, the priority of the local church, the mission of gospel proclamation, and the purity necessary for spiritual leadership.

What challenges did the Master’s Seminary face?

Keeping track of alumni

Solely managing the institution’s alumni database, Michael John Wurtz, the Director of Alumni Relations at The Master’s Seminary, found it challenging to keep track of 1500+ alumni. While the institution was collecting alumni information at events, it was not enough to keep its alumni database updated. 

The tedious effort involved in keeping Raiser’s Edge updated

For the Master’s Seminary, manually updating each alumni record within its database was difficult because of the high level of effort and time involved. The time and effort spent here could otherwise be utilized in other high-value work, which could help boost the institution’s productivity.

Inaccurate data/high risk of error

As with all cases where there’s manual update of data involved, The Master’s Seminary also faced the challenge of keeping its alumni database error-free. 

Limited digital interaction with alumni ‍

Since there wasn’t an alumni engagement platform and the institute mainly used Facebook to communicate with its alumni, all alumni engagement initiatives were rather limited. Often, the institute’s interaction with its alumni was one-sided.  ‍

What did The Master’s Seminary achieve after implementing Almabase?

Up-to-date Digital Alumni Directory‍

With a digitized platform in place and alumni information being automatically captured from Facebook and LinkedIn during the registration process, The Master’s Seminary is now able to maintain an updated digital alumni directory. Within 45 days after the launch of the alumni community, the institution was able to successfully update 25% of its alumni database. 

37% of the alumni database updated in 45 days
1000 registered alumni‍

The Master's Seminary's digital alumni community

Automated data update process as a result of RE NXT integration

Aided by Almabase’s smooth integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT, The Master’s Seminary’s process of updating data has been transformed. The process is now automated and mapping is done using unique database IDs. As a result of this, the institution has been able to completely eliminate any manual updates that need to be made and thereby minimize the scope of errors, time spent on database updates, and shift their focus towards more high-value work. Here’s how Almabase connects with Raiser’s Edge NXT. 

Efficient tracking

The institution now has easy access to daily reports of alumni records that get updated and synced. As a result of this, keeping track of records has become much more efficient for The Master’s Seminary. 

Effective outreach campaigns

With the new platform helping The Master’s Seminary filter alumni based on different criteria such as class year, location, current company name, etc., the institution was able to create personalized outreach campaigns, maximizing alumni engagement. 

10X higher email click rate (17.36%)
1.5X higher email open rate (55.74%)‍

The Master’s Seminary continues to keep its alumni database up-to-date with Almabase. You can see their alumni community here.

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