Master’s Seminary updates 53% of their alumni database in 45 Days

Almabase enabled Master’s Seminary to launch their digital alumni community easily. Within 45 days of the launch, the institute got more than half of their alumni to sign up. With strategic communication, the institute uses segmented emails for keeping these alumni engaged.


alumni sign-ups in 45 days


job opportunities made available to alumni in 30 days

About Master’s Seminary  

Master’s Seminary is a divinity school with an aim to educate students in scripture and theology. With over 1500 students, the institute has prepared its students for ordination as clergy, academia, and the ministry. But with growing alumni numbers, the institute faced some challenges.

Challenges In Maintaining Alumni Database

Tedious alumni data entry process  

With a growing alumni database, manually typing data into Raiser’s Edge became a tedious process for the advancement team. It also increased the probability of manual error and prevented them from updating the data frequently.

Lack of a centralized alumni system

With the alumni data spread across different platforms, the institute lacked a common platform to centralize it all. The lack of centralization prevented the institute from leveraging the potential of their 500 active alumni to expand their digital community and alumni database further.  

Limited digital interaction with alumni

The institute used just a Facebook page to communicate with its alumni, leading to a lack of engagement and meaningful conversations with the community.

Master’s Seminary Success With Almabase

With Almabase, Master’s Seminary was successfully able to move their alumni community online. The digitization got them to update 25% of their alumni database in just 45 days from launch. With an updated database, the team was able to create a strategic communication campaign to increase the engagement rates.

Almabase serves as an all-in-one platform for Master’s Seminary to manage their alumni network database and improve engagement, digitally.

Up-to-date Digital Alumni Directory

Using Almabase, Master’s Seminary launched their online alumni community in less than a week’s time. Within the first 45 days, the institute saw a 25% update in their alumni network database and the number is increasing by the day. The network now serves as an up-to-date digital alumni directory. (See it here)

Easy Raiser’s Edge NXT Integration

With 1500+ alumni, the manual data entry into Raiser’s Edge became too tedious. The smooth integration with Almabase automated the process of fetching data from previous alumni events, social media and other platforms, saving valuable resources and keeping the database up-to-date at all times.

Effective Integrated Communications Tool

With an integrated communications tool, Almabase enables the institute to segment and create dynamic groups from their alumni database. For instance, they can segment their alumni database with filters like ‘everyone living in Boston’, to create personalized messages for outreach.

The feature helped them optimize their outreach campaigns strategically, to drive maximum engagement.

  • 10X higher email click rate (17.36%)
  • 1.5X higher email open rate (55.74%)

Simpler Event Management

Right from setting up the website, sending out invites, managing RSVPs, to integrating payment gateways for ticket collection and tracking no-shows, the Almabase ‘events module’ enabled the institute to handle the event seamlessly.

Smart Content Management System

An easy to use content management system helped the team set up placement tutorials and prayer requests, without asking for help from the IT teams. They were also able to customize the pages based on the end goal of the campaign and alumni interests, for better engagement rates.

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