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Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS)

Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS)

July 10, 2024

For this edition of Almabase Spotlights, we shine the spotlight on Eastern Virginia Medical School's (EVMS) Mock Interviews. As a part of this initiative, the institution has created a network of alumni to help students at the school ace their interviews and land their dream jobs.

A Thoughtful Initiative to Enhance Student Success: Alumni-Hosted Mock Interviews

Alumni engagement initiatives often focus on mixers, luncheons, instructional sessions, and more. However, it's not often that we see an institution bring together its alumni and students to build something truly constructive and life-changing.

A student's first job can be intimidating, especially in the field of medicine. However, the Eastern Virginia Medical School's Mock Interviews initiative eases their anxiety by providing tips, tricks, and mock interviews to help them excel at their interviews.

The process involves connecting students with the institution's alumni for one-on-one sessions. It starts with an interview day town hall, where the head of marketing addresses the gathering, offering students valuable insights on how to put their best foot forward during the crucial interview stage.

The alumni are given guides on preparing for the interview, with crucial tips that include creating a well-lit space, ensuring that their cameras and microphones are functional, reading through the students' CVs to better understand their backgrounds, and much more.

They're also provided with an evaluation form to assess the students across various criteria using a rating scale.

Eastern Virginia Medical School Interview Evaluation Form

Mock interviews help students prepare for the real deal while also receiving crucial feedback from alumni who are already a part of the industry. The statistics are staggering - in the last month alone, nearly 60 alumni volunteered as mock interviewers to help students of the class of 2023 prepare for their interviews.

Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) is immensely grateful to its dedicated alumni network for helping students take their first steps in their careers.

🌟Source of Inspiration

Nicole Pellegrino -Director of Alumni Relations at Eastern Virginia Medical School

Nicole Pellegrino is a fundraising professional with over a decade of experience. She is passionate about philanthropy and currently serves as the Director of Alumni Relations at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). She holds an Advanced B.S. in Communications and Psychology from Old Dominion University.

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