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Florida Polytechnic University

Florida Polytechnic University

July 10, 2024

For this edition of Almabase spotlights, we feature Florida Polytechnic University's Florida Polycon, a vibrant Comic Con-style convention run by students for the anime, sci-fi, horror, comics, and gaming communities.

Florida Polycon

Florida Polycon is a signature annual event hosted by the students of the Florida Polytechnic University. Conceptualized on the lines of Florida's homegrown convention MegaCon, Florida Polycon has developed its cult following amongst the gaming community and lovers of comic books, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, and RPG (Role-Playing Game).  This mega event engages students and alumni alike.

Florida Polytechnic University

Students completely organize the Comic Con-style festival. It aims to foster student leadership by offering students hands-on experience in building organizational, marketing, communication, and creative skills, a strong sense of community, and a diverse, inclusive culture.

Considered a blockbuster entertainment event, the festival celebrates geek culture and encourages students to express their creativity, talent, and technical prowess engagingly.

Merchants, artists, and sponsors can find a space to be part of a vibrant conversation. The festival is also open to the public. It features a host of competitions, film viewings, cosplay events, art spaces, food trucks, games, and thought-provoking panels with guest speakers.

Launched in 2015, this one-day event that completes nine years in 2024. Considered to be an annual attraction on campus, this year's Florida Polycon event theme is Sci-Fi. Fans of the event can find more information on the event's social media pages, which are leveraged by the student community to build buzz, sell tickets, and capture the flavor of the festival.

Source of Inspiration

Seth Spencer

Seth Spencer is Director of Development, Major Gifts & Parent Network at Florida Polytechnic University. Here, his role is to cultivate prospective new relationships, cultivate existing partnerships, and create new opportunities to advance the university. Seth combines his communication, project management, strategic relationships, and fundraising skills to excel at his role and foster a culture of innovation amongst students. Seth has a Master of Arts - MA in Ministerial Leadership and a Bachelor's degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology from Southeastern University. He has volunteered as a Management Skills Coach at Teaching For Change.

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