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Murray State University

April 12, 2021

For this edition of Almabase Spotlights featuring Public Universities, we shine the spotlight on how Murray StateUniversity planned an engaging week, and gave their alumni a homecoming they deserve, amidst COVID-19.

An Idea to celebrate Home(coming) amidst lockdown restrictions

While the transition from in-person to virtual is certainly a challenge for numerous Public Universities, Murray State University engaged their alumni by putting together a virtual Homecoming Week in October 2020, with an array of virtual events, performances and reunions for their alumni to participate in.

🏠 Healthy at Home(coming) 2020

Homecoming truly stands as a day of togetherness at Murray State University, but the lockdown restrictions in 2020 pushed an in-person homecoming off the table for the Racers. Designing a traditional, in-person event virtually stood as a big challenge, but in collaboration with the Campus Activities Board and Racer Athletics, The Office of Alumni Relations crafted a week of hybrid homecoming activities - Healthy at Home(coming). This week included activities ranging from Virtual Campus Tour with the President and First Lady of the Murray State, to a Virtual 5K, wine tasting, trivia event and many more virtual events. Other traditional homecoming events like the selection of the Homecoming King and Queen and reunions were also recreated virtually, keeping the spirit of Homecoming alive, irrespective of the virtual setup. The Office of Alumni Relations identified the interests of their alumni and made sure the initiative was truly alumni-centric - a great example of which was an Esports tournament between the alumni and the students, which turned out to be a huge hit. With several other virtual events in the array, the alumni had innumerous options to choose from and participate. The enthusiasm of the alumni and the students at Murray State University certainly upheld the theme for the Homecoming 2020 - “We are Racers”.

The Healthy at Home(coming) 2020 was a week full of events, designed to engage every segment of their alumni community.

⭐Our Source of Inspiration

Carrie McGinnis has served as Murray State University's Director of Alumni Relations for nearly 5 years. She earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northern Illinois University and completed a master's degree in organizational communication at Murray State in May of 2020. Five of her immediate family members have Murray State degrees and her son is a current freshman. Carrie is a passionate Racer basketball fan and enjoys spending time with her family enjoying the lakes near her home.

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