Accept donations with event registrations

Accept donations with event registrations




October 9, 2017

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Events are a key component of your alumni engagement strategy and Almabase supports all kinds of events — from a simple page where a user can RSVP in one click to a complex multi-day event like Homecoming.

We’re now introducing an ability for you to accept donations while users register for events. This is how it would work.

When you have a ticketed event, if you enable donations on it, users will see the option to add a gift along with choosing a ticket for the event. Users can choose from predefined amounts or enter a specific amount. Users can also choose exactly which campaign they want to support. These campaigns are automatically picked from the fundraising campaigns you have already listed on the platform so there is no additional maintenance required from you

The user then makes a single online payment that includes the tickets and the gift amount. On the admin panel, you will see an event registration as usual with the details of the gift associated with it. Also on the donations interface of the admin panel, you will see this new gift. When you export your event attendee list, this information is also provided there.

We have also provided for customization of the text displayed on this section. This is a feature that has to be enabled for each platform individually so if this seems like an interesting way to increase your gift participation, reach out to your customer success manager and they will help you out.

We’re excited to see how this helps. Please keep your feedback coming in!

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