Data Studio - Your supercharged spreadsheet

Data Studio - Your supercharged spreadsheet




June 20, 2017

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Spreadsheets have come a long way to help manage alumni data. The sheer simplicity makes spreadsheets often preferred over some powerful enterprise grade CRMs even. But it's not without its cons. The data gets stale quickly and there is just too much manual work when you need to pull information from different sources and stitch it together.

We've seen this problem plague advancement and alumni relations offices everywhere. So we set out to build something a few months ago. Something that brings the complexity of an integrated end-to-end platform like Almabase to a simple spreadsheet like format. Something magical and we can't wait to show it to you. We call it 'Data Studio' (code-named Jarvis previously).

With an easy-to-use interface, Data Studio will serve to be your one stop place to identify, segment and taken actions on your constituents. It always presents you with the latest data that is actionable both on a single profile or in bulk.

Here are some of the key features you should try out right away


Filters do a great job in finding the constituents that you need to focus on. They help you drill down from 45,323 records to the 52 alumni that you must give a call right away or send an email to. You can filter down to a group of alumni that live in San Francisco, or even something more complex like alumni from a reunion year who have attended previous reunion events. The possibilities are endless.


Once you have narrowed down to the right segment of people, head over to the 'Actions' section to:

1. Send them an email

2. Create a new mailing list

3. Export information into a spreadsheet

4. Update information

5. Update Membership

There is a lot more that you can explore on Data Studio like customizing the columns and saving the most frequently used filters as a View. But we will leave that up to you to explore :)

We've had a great time working with our partner schools on building Data Studio and we can't wait to learn all the ways you will be using this feature on Almabase. As we continue to build more functionality into Data Studio, do remember to leave your feedback and features you would like to see in upcoming releases.

If you would like to take a deeper look into how you can use Data Studio for your needs, contact your account manager today.

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