Social Sync 2.0 - An updated alumni database, always!

Social Sync 2.0 - An updated alumni database, always!




March 24, 2017

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The ability to sync alumni information from Facebook and LinkedIn has been a central piece of the Almabase product. We've seen this provide tremendous value for our partner schools over the last few years.

But, it had its challenges, and we heard your feedback. We noticed three key challenges:

1. The process is not transparent - you are not sure when the updates are happening

2. Alumni don’t have control on what gets synced on their profile. It lead to duplicate or wrong data in certain cases.

3. Facebook and LinkedIn APIs are changing and we had to move to newer APIs.

With all this feedback, we just launched the next version of social sync. It is more intuitive and provides much more control to users and uses the latest APIs.

You will now see a sync button on each profile that’s connected to their Facebook or LinkedIn. On clicking this button, we fetch latest data from those connected accounts and we ask the user which data they want to merge or ignore. Information that’s not ambiguous like a new employment is automatically added.

In the background, we also run a periodic sync of data from Facebook without any user hitting the sync button. This will help you maintain a current database of your alumni with zero manual effort.

We are constantly working to build innovative technology that helps you build an engaged alumni community. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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