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September 21, 2017

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Email is the most useful and convenient ways of communicating with your alumni. With Almabase you are able to send very targeted, personalized email communication to your alumni resulting in increased engagement. Our communication center is one of the most frequently used features on the product. So much so that we send over half a million emails per month! Staggering!

Once you send an email out, you get varying levels of engagement based on various factors. You already have the ability to view the open and click rates for every email that you send out. And you could look at a particular alum’s email engagement over time. But some key questions could not be answered. For example :

1. Who are the 35 people who clicked on links on this email?

2. Who opened this email the most?

3. Whose email IDs bounced while trying to send this email?

4. What links were most popular on this email ?

To answer these questions for you, we are introducing our all new email reports feature.

You can now see the number of opens and clicks, open and click rates, and compare them across all your emails.

You can also go in and see every time someone opens or clicks your email. You can also see which email IDs bounced, if anyone marked emails as spam, etc. Imagine an alum opened your email about an upcoming event 15 times but hasn’t yet signed up for the event. Now with this information, you could talk to them and see if they need anything.

One of my personal favorite additions to this report is how you can understand which of your links were most popular. Think about the newsletters you send your alumni and how useful it would be to know what your alumni liked the most.

You can also access a tidy print report to share how your emails are doing with your colleagues or alumni board.

The best part about this launch is that it also covers all the emails you have sent out in the past! Go ahead, dig in, and let us know what you find :)

One of our product philosophies has been to provide you data that help you take decisions. This is another powerful manifestation of that. I’m excited to understand how this helps each of you. Please let us know what you think.

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