Tracking Email Communication

Tracking Email Communication




June 22, 2017

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You all have been using the communication center fairly frequently now to send emails to various groups of alumni. The communication center has a lot going on at the back to ensure that when you ask for an email to be sent to, say members living in Australia, it is sent to exactly those members and then to track what is happening with each email that’s sent out.

While it was our endeavor to keep the interface clean and easy to use, we heard your confusions around lack of certain information on the communication center.

How can I be sure that this email will be sent to John and Katie?

How do I know how many people opened an email that I sent out?

How do I know which members have unsubscribed from this group ?

We’ve now introduced a way for you to see all the members of any email group along with the status of their email ID. This will tell you exactly who all are part of the group right now and whether they will receive an email sent to this group or not. You will also see the reason someone won’t receive the email — they have unsubscribed, or they have a bad email ID, etc. 

As soon as you select a group to send your email to, you will see the number of members it currently has, and clicking on that number will show all those members.

And once you’ve sent out the email, the sent email analytics will give you an accurate picture of what has happened with your email.

The sent email analytics were already available to you but we’ve made changes to the way we calculate these numbers. One of the concrete changes is that we now only show the number of people who opened and clicked on your email, not the total number of opens and clicks. It means that if a user has opened your email 10 times, it will still count as 1 user on the sent email analytics. We also fixed bugs with respect to the analytics retroactively, so you will see accurate analytics against every sent email, including the emails you have already sent out.

The final piece in this puzzle is a per-member email engagement tracking. That’s going to be enabled very soon, so stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy using these new features. Please do keep your feedback coming in.

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