How to make an awesome alumni reunion promo video

How to make an awesome alumni reunion promo video




November 19, 2019

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November 19, 2019

Alumni reunions are one of the best ways to get your alumni’s attention. Period. 

But, what would you say is the best way to get your alumni’s attention for them to participate in these reunions?


Alumni reunion promo videos, YASS. 

The first peek into your upcoming event, alumni reunion promo videos are a great way to capture your alumni’s attention, evoking curiosity and nostalgia. Often, such videos are meant to be a teaser to your main event, giving away only small bits of information and hooking your audience with an incentive to reveal more soon.  

Why alumni reunion promo videos work?


According to a study conducted by Forbes in 2017, viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call-to-action after watching a video, as compared to 10% when reading it in text format. 


In addition to videos being the most powerful content format in the digital age, alumni reunion promo videos work because of the high level of personalization involved. A massive benefit of using the video format in your marketing plan is that it’s easy to share via social media channels and personal networks. Even if you have limited alumni contacts to send your promo video to, your alumni can further share it within their networks, influencing a much broader reach. 

While promo videos may not actually reveal a lot, they act as the perfect way to set the mood for your upcoming event. Here’s how Greater Atlanta Christian School created an alumni reunion promo video, perfectly capturing the spirit of their upcoming event, Alumni Weekend 2018.

Alumni Reunion Promo Video

What makes an alumni reunion promo video awesome?

While alumni reunion promo videos sound exciting, there’s a lot of planning and prepping that needs to be done well in advance. From identifying the location of the shoot to the people who’re going to feature in it, everything needs to be well thought out.  

Here are the key elements pivotal to making an awesome alumni reunion promo video:  

1. Feature recognizable and relatable people in your video
Featuring those who are recognizable and relatable to your alumni is critical to your video’s success. You could choose to feature anybody, be it professors, students, or maybe even an influential set of people who your alumni might feel delighted to hear from. 

2. Shoot your video on-campus
The best location to shoot your reunion promo is your own campus. Shooting the video in multiple locations within your school campus adds a nostalgic factor to it and helps your alumni relate better.

3. Ensure maximum reach
Work doesn’t stop once you’re done creating the video. The next step is to maximize its reach. Ensuring your alumni don’t miss out on this video is integral. Other than sharing it on social media, emails, and encouraging alumni to share it within their networks, try to publicize this video in alumni groups, in order to reach maximum people.

Looking for ways to promote your alumni reunions?

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